Saturday, 8 May 2010

A Question

Does anyone know where 'The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pattern' has got to? I've lost track of her.

I have been stitching this month but sadly nowhere as near as much as I hoped. No pictures as it's all secret stitching.

The fact that I've not done much stitching is actually a good think as I've been busy with work as people keep asking me for samples of my quizzes for next season. Hopefully they will come back and ask me to set for them as well so I'm not complaining. I'm also busy organising the redesign of my Quizwise website, which naturally is being overseen by my husband at Foxxweb Design.

I have also been walking and reading, although my reading list is out of date and needs updating.

Below are some pictures from my latest walks, there are more pictures from them on my Peak Walker website.

This is from my walk yesterday over the dramatic ridges of Parkhouse Hill and Chrome Hill which is known locally as the Dragon's Back. This view is looking across to the moors of Axe Edge from the top of the Dragon's Back.

This is my lunchtime view form a walk around the Manifold Valley. I'm sat on Ossoms Hill looking across the Manifold Valley at Sugarloaf and Wetton Hill.

Finally is a walk I did in mid April to my favourite place in the whole world, Bleaklow. Not many people like it but I love its desolate and wild nature. This is Bleaklow Head, the highest point on Bleaklow.