Wednesday, 31 March 2010

April Plans

Before I get to my plans for April here's my third finish for the year. I've stitched this for my other sister's birthday.

Lizzie Kate: Dogs Leave Paw Prints
Fabric: 28 ct Linen Shade: Biscuit
Threads: DMC

As you might have guessed she likes dogs. She is actually coming here for dinner on Sunday but as I want to get it framed before I give it to her she will have to wait for it. Mind as she's not expecting it that won't bother her too much.

Quite a while ago I stopped setting myself stitching targets as I rarely met them. However, this month I'm going to because if you scroll down my sidebar you will see that I am way behind on my stitching for others. I had planned on making February my finishing month but was far too busy with quizzing to even think about that. Now that the quiz season is over and the pressure is off, for a bit, I'm determined to catch up on all the stitching I owe others. So if your name appears on my list of WIPs keep your eye out for the postman in April, just don't give him or her filthy looks until the second half of the month.

Monday, 15 March 2010

A Finish

Yes, OK so it's a bit of a shocker. I know, not only am I doing a post that is stitching related but I also have one of those very rare things, on this blog, a post about a finish.

I have been working on a birthday gift for my sister Debra. I started it back in January and had nearly got it finished when the world went slightly crazy around here. Anyway with yesterday being Mother's Day I treated myself to an hour or so of stitching and finished it off.

Lizzie Kate - Cinderella is Proof
On enclosed fabric using DMC threads

As you might have guessed she likes shoes, a passion I simply don't share or understand. I'm hoping to give it her for her birthday but first I have to get round, very quickly, to stitching something for my other sister, Carol, whose birthday is the day after Debra's. As I want to get both pieces framed I'd better get a move on. Just as well things are seriously calming down around here and I'm actually ahead of the game, for once. It won't last but I'm enjoying it whilst I can.

I also have a late posting for the TUSAL

Not surprisingly there aren't many new threads in the jar but those of you with long memories might notice the new jar, it looks much prettier sat on my living room sideboard than the old jam jar did. Obviously I'm expecting the TUSAL to run for at least a decade as that's how long it will probably be before I fill the jar.

In fact just looked on the TUSAL blog to see I've missed a whole month out. I didn't realise I'd been out of circulation for that long. Note to self:

'Must pay more attention'

I must also show you the lovely PIF that Chris sent me. She sent it me so long ago that she must be thinking I'm the most ungrateful PIF recipient ever, especially after she clearly put so much time and effort into what she sent me.

She has made me a beautiful scissor case, with a beaded fob, my very first beaded fob.

From A Gift of Stitching on 28ct with DMC threads.

The back of the case has my initial on it.

Isn't it it delightful and isn't she so clever to make both the fob and card that go with the scissor case.

Finally, an appeal, if you haven't read the post below, please, please do.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Please Forgive Me

Please read all of this blog entry.

My stitching plans went flying out of the window when my sister Debra spoke to me last week. She has signed up to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in September for charity. In order to do it she has to raise around £4000.00 and so I have written a quiz for her that she can sell on.

Sean and Louise at Love The Lakes have donated the prize which is one of their limited edition prints. It only costs £1.00, plus your stamp and envelope to enter the quiz so please can you help my sister by heading over to my Peak Walker website and downloading the quiz. You only have to part with your pound when you submit your answers.

Debra lives in Cumbria and is doing the climb to help the local radio CFM Radio raise money for their charity Cash For Kids. She trained and worked for many years as a sick children's nurse which probably explains why the charity appeals to her.

On a personal note I really want Debra to raise this money as she has had it quite tough herself over the last few years and it would mean so much to me to see her doing something she has always wanted to do. She has survived a very rare form of cancer, when she was in her early 30's, a very nasty divorce and last year as a result of her cancer treatment was back in hospital having lesions removed from her lungs. It's time she got to have some fun.

Can I also ask one other favour, if possible would you mind spreading the word as much as possible via your blogs or friends etc. In return I promise to get this blog back to where it should be i.e. stitching ASAP. I have to get stitching as one of the things I'm working on is Debra's birthday present which is next month.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Getting There

I remember when this blog used to be reasonably up-to-date and about sewing. Hopefully in another couple of weeks those days will return but in the mean time I am slowly starting to catch up on things.

Last week I managed to get out fora proper walk the first real walk for 4 months. I can't believe how long it has been between walks, in the last 9 years that's the longest period I have gone without hitting the hills. It was great day to be out walking as the pictures on my website show.

Monsal Viaduct over the River Wye

The quiz league season is just about at an end and I am counting down the days and quizzes that I need to set. It's so close to the end that I've got a real spring in my step and I'm actually ahead of schedule, for once. Now I just need to catch up on the housework, ironing, gardening, blog-reading and then I can enjoy some guilt-free stitching time. I feel a serious case of stitcher's bum in my future soon.

Monday, 1 March 2010

Daily Quiz Challenge

I've launched the Daily Quiz Challenge on my Quizwise website today.

The first week's questions have a mountain theme and the first question is a relatively topical one.

Pop over to my website and have a go and don't forget to send me your answer for a chance to get your name on the monthly league table.