Sunday, 10 October 2010

A Flying Post

A whole month has been and gone and I've not managed one post and I'm sorry to say things are unlikely to change in the next few months. I'm not complaining as the lack of blogging is because my little quiz setting business has seen some rather rapid growth in demand over the last few months and I am now very busy.

I have managed to place one or two stitches onto some linen and have a piece that is waiting to be finished up and shipped out to its rightful owner. When I'll find time to do it I don't know but it will get done eventually.

In September we made a quick trip to the Lakes and managed to fit in two completely dry walks during 5 very wet days. They haven't made it onto my walking website yet.

Whilst I'm rarely leaving comments your blogs are usually the way I psych myself up to start work each day, which is actually what I'm doing now, so I guess I'd better get back to it.

I can at least promise you that I will be back posting properly by May 2011, as that's when the league quiz season ends, but hopefully I will get some time to post before then. In the mean time a lot of quiz leagues and pubs need me to get back to it.

Sorry for going missing on you all, I will try to get back before May but I'm not promising anything.