Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Catching Up

As my eyesight started to diminish  my ability to head out safely to the hills I loved also declined. As a result my enthusiasm for my walking website also declined and so I ended up with many of the walks I had manged to do in 2014 not making it onto the site. 

Since my first operation I have been able to head back out onto the hills I love and managed to fit three walks in-between my operations.

I have enjoyed an evening stroll through Wolfscote Dale

Finally got out by myself for a walk taking in Padley Gorge and Higger Tor

The day before my second operation I fitted in a late afternoon walk along Stanage Edge

When the eye patch came off after the first operation and I finally realised how bad my eyesight had got I set myself the goal of getting all of the missing walks from 2014 online. Today is the first day after the second operation that I get to head to the hills and this morning I published the final missing walk from 2014

Time to head out and reacquaint myself with all the places I love so much and haven't visited for so long.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

I Have ORTs

It is many a year since I have been able to say that.

Over the last few years sewing had become increasingly difficult and about 18 months ago I found out why - I had a cataract, which by last week was covering all of one eye and as I now know making the world very dim and hence stopping me sewing.

Last Thursday the first and worst cataract was removed and I can now see to sew again. For the last two days I have reacquainted myself with my cross stitch and made a fair bit of progress on Celtic Autumn.

No pictures because one of the things I can't do for another 10 days is risk putting a camera up to my eye and knocking it.

I wonder if I have any followers left!!