Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Do You Enjoy Testing Your Knowledge?

Next week I will be launching a daily quiz question competition on my Quizwise website. It will run from Monday to Friday with new questions posted around midnight GMT and the answer posted after 20:00 GMT. Answers will be accepted, by email, any time between midnight and 19:30 GMT.

It's a bit of fun but there will be a league for you to compare yourself against anyone else who enters.

This week will see Husband and I doing a slight redesign on the Quizwise website ready for the launch of the daily challenge.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Can You Help?

My friend Bilbo over at Bag End has put a request out. Can anyone help her?

This is Bilbo's post from her blog.

A non-quilter might reasonably assume that given the size of my fabric stash, I already have all the material I might need for any quilt which I could want to create in future. Oh, how wrong could you be?

I so want (need?) another yard, preferably two, of this fabric. From Hoffman International, called "Fantasies" and at least 5 years old, probably older.

I've searched, eBay, Big Horn, Hancocks, Thousands of Bolts and Doughtys, plus a worldwide Google search and drawn a blank, which in truth, does not surprise me. So for the first time (but maybe not the last) I thought I'd use Bag End to ask all my quilting buddies if somewhere, somehow, lurking at the bottom of a pile, you might just have . . . pretty please . . . and I will happily pay full list for it plus postage. Perhaps if I had more of this fabric I might have the inclination to finish the blocks which need it?