Sunday, 17 January 2010


Here's the first update for 2010 for the TUSAL

Not bad for me only two days late.

Most of the threads are from the LHN sampler I stitched last week but some are from earlier in the month when I added some more stitches to Celtic Autumn.

I plan on buying a much nicer container for my orts and ends to go in. Hopefully I will have it in time for February's picture.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

First Finish of the Year

I have somewhat amazed myself and already completed my first piece of stitching for the year. Even more surprising it was less than one week from start to finish, an absolute record for me. Don't get too excited as I doubt things will carry on like this.

LHN January Sampler
28 ct Cashel Linen 'Vintage' Country Mocha
Threads: Crescent Colour
Backing Fabric: Frosted Snowflakes

As one of my Christmas presents my parents have signed me up for the auto-shipment of the LHN and Crescent Colours Sampler Monthlies and this is the first one, January, which I have finished as a pinkeep. I have backed it with a fabric called Frosted Snowflakes, which you can see in the picture below. I also had my first go at making a bow as instructed by the Twisted Stitcher and I'm pleased with how it worked out.

I plan on keeping this one and all of the others for myself and hope to find a small easel to display them on, changing them as the month changes.

It was a lovely stitch and I know I must have stitched it quite fast as even Husband commented on how fast it was coming along. If the rest are this delightful to stitch I am really going to enjoy doing these. Now I shall try to be good and not start on February until it is February.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

I've Finally Started

Just a quick post to say I've finally set my new blog up to encourage myself to get fitter.

No idea what direction this blog will take. Maybe I could make it a group blog and we could encourage each other along or maybe it will be deadly boring. More likely it will prove to be highly amusing for me to read next year to see what excuses I came up with for not achieving my goals.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Sick of the White Stuff

Some of you may notice that my blog background has suddenly got very bright. It's my fight back against the white stuff.

With the exception of three days we have now had snow and ice on the ground outside for over three weeks. There is no longer any grit in the the tub at the bottom of the road, the snow is still falling and our road resembles an ice-ring. Husband has just got back from rescuing Daughter from work as they shut early so as that the staff could get home as the buses have stopped running.

It no longer looks pretty just downright slippy and dangerous and I'm sick to death of the world being white. My friend Bilbo has some lovely shots of her garden being turned upside-down over the last few days and I have to say I never knew I would love looking at mud quite so much.

I have informed Husband that if we ever win the Lottery or he becomes a multi-millionaire we are going to spend our winters following the England cricket team when they are abroad.

Bring back the colour I miss it.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

I've Just Had Good Laugh

I have just looked back at the goals I set myself for 2009 and guess what, I achieved not a single one of them!!

Nothing there that wasn't achievable at the start of the year, although where on earth I thought I was going to get enough time to do all that stitching I don't know.

This year I'm not at all sure I should bother setting myself any goals at all accept maybe to try harder.

Lets be optimistic though, she says as she has already failed to start one of her goals for 2010!

Last year I wanted to lose about 3 stone in weight and get a lot fitter, neither of which I achieved. This year I have exactly the same goal and in an attempt to motivate myself I've set up another blog that I intend to update each Tuesday where I will keep a record of how much exercise I'm doing and set myself new goals each week. I had planned on starting it last Tuesday but I had an attack of arthritis in my shoulders so my original plans disappeared. I currently have a stinking cold so my plans for getting back in the pool will have to wait. We are also having yet more snow so getting out for a daily walk is not on either, as the pavements will once again be treacherous. Not a great start is it.

Sewing wise I have only two goals:

1. To finish Celtic Autumn
2. To finish the stitching I committed myself to for others.

My biggest goal for the year though is to still be happily married by the end of the year. The start of new decades are not good for me:

In 1990 my first husband was killed in a road accident.
In 2000 my second husband decided to trade me in a for a younger model.

Which is why getting to the end of this year with my marriage and family still in tact and with us all fit and healthy is really the only goal I have for this year. I truly don't want to make it a third decade in a row that starts on a low