Monday, 10 November 2008

Filling in the Gaps

A change of location for my stitching yesterday so Husband and Son could watch the first Star Wars film, i.e. episode 4 meant that I got more stitching done than I expected. Partly because Husband spent the evening watching two episodes of Cold Case that I'd already seen so I carried on sewing. Normally I sew in Husband's chair so pack up sewing if we watch TV in the evening.

I worked on Celtic Autumn and whilst she has grown a little most of my time was spent filling in the gaps on the yellow part of her dress.

The big gap between the yellow and purple parts of her dress will remain until I'm close to the end of her as that is a large section of white and I like to keep white until the end to try to stop it getting grubby.

I have also been working on some Christmas Cards but I can't show them yet. I picked a piece of linen to work on that I have had for years and so had no idea what size it was, other than very small. Having stitched the first card I measured the number of stitches yesterday and it's 30 count. Is there a 30 count? I counted the number of stitches per inch several times and each time I had 15 stitches stitched over two so that must mean there is a 30 count or am I counting wrong? Anyway one thing is for sure working on such a small count makes my eyes ache after a while but I love the way the tiny stitches look so perfect.

Not sure what will jump into my hands later today.


Anonymous said...

Celtic looks stunning already!!
I don't know about 30ct maybe there is, but I have never seen it!!

Sorry I can't sign up for your PIF I am doing six already lol,but if you do one again later I will :0)

Sally said...

Celtic is coming along beautifully.

I am stitching my Blacbird Designs on 30 count. It's R & R Reproductions fabric. Not sure if anyone else produces it.

PIFs seem very quiet at times. I know when I've done them I've never had three people sign up. It gets a bit disheartening when you see other people have loads sign up. Anyway what I have done before is done a random one to fill the spot left. In fact one I did I just chose three random recipients.