Tuesday, 10 March 2009

I'm Still Here

The time just seems to be disappearing on me at the moment although I was busy last week sorting out Husband's accounts and writing up a walk for a magazine.

I still haven't found any time to pick up my needle and I've managed one walk and to read one book since my last post. The walk, last Monday, was a 9 miler across Longstone Moor, through Cressbrook Dale and back to Longstone Edge via Monsal Head.

St Peter's Stone, Creesbrook Dale

Monsal Viaduct from Monsal Head

Having worked all weekend Husband joined me on it and we were tempted into the Stable Bar for a drink after the steep climb up from the viaduct to Monsal Head. It's ages since we have sat alone in a bar together chatting over a pint, so it made a real change.

Tuesday to Thursday was then spent either doing the accounts or writing up the Crich Stand walk. Friday was a catch-up on the housework and shopping day. Saturday was meant to be spent, with Husband, on a Sales and Marketing training day. Having got up early and driven the 30 miles to Buxton we arrived at the hotel to find out there was no course running there that day. When we got back home we discovered we'd been sent the wrong details and should have been in the university buildings. Anyway we are now doing it on Thursday in Chesterfield. We're both looking forward to it as we know we will come away with a marketing strategy and hopefully a good collection of ideas for promoting the business.

Thursday is hopefully going to be an exciting day for us as it's also the last day of the Quiz League and we are top of the Beer League. With the exception of the previous two weeks we have been top all season. Having regained the top spot last week we are determined to hang on to it this week so we have been truly sad spending the evenings looking up Double Troubles . To explain, the Beer League runs after the main quiz and is one round of fun questions with the losers buying their opposite numbers in the winning team a pint. Now John and I have argued that we have had to win it out of necessity this year as if we are both playing and lose it's goodbye to £10.00. The question setter gets to choose the format of the Beer League and this year he has done 10 Double Troubles in alphabetical order. A double trouble is a question with a two worded answer where both words start with the same letter, e.g Q: Where do Derby County play their home games? A: Pride Park. As we are weak on Reality TV, soaps and as I'm not playing there will be nobody with any knowledge of Harry Potter, Husband is now mugging up on all the possible answers/questions these topics could throw up. We need to get 8 points to win and as it will be our first title for a good few years we're taking it quite seriously. As I'm the Results Secretary if we get less than 8 points I will know before anyone else if we have won it or not.

The only book I have finished was Escape to London by Mary Jane Staples and set in Vienna just after Germany has invaded Austria. Sadly I can't really say that it was a great read. Whilst it was easy reading it wasn't really believable, so that ruined it for me.

In my opinion it was bit like reading a Mills and Boon whereby you always knew the girl would get the bloke in the end and for a war-time story this one was just too nice. I've since started the Book Thief and that is far more to my taste.


mainely stitching said...

Your walking sounds lovely!

As for books that just aren't worth it, I've been terrible lately and just won't bother with them. Life's too short ... ;)

Brigitte said...

The pictures of your walks are so lovely. I often visit your blog and have a look at them.

Sally said...

The photos are lovely Angela. Such gorgeous scenery.

BilboWaggins said...

Good luck with the quiz, and so glad to see you out walking again. {hugs}

Karan said...

Ooo I remember that view from Monsal Head! Great pics. Hope the training day & Quiz both go well. :0) Shame the book was a let down.

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.