Saturday, 2 January 2010

I've Just Had Good Laugh

I have just looked back at the goals I set myself for 2009 and guess what, I achieved not a single one of them!!

Nothing there that wasn't achievable at the start of the year, although where on earth I thought I was going to get enough time to do all that stitching I don't know.

This year I'm not at all sure I should bother setting myself any goals at all accept maybe to try harder.

Lets be optimistic though, she says as she has already failed to start one of her goals for 2010!

Last year I wanted to lose about 3 stone in weight and get a lot fitter, neither of which I achieved. This year I have exactly the same goal and in an attempt to motivate myself I've set up another blog that I intend to update each Tuesday where I will keep a record of how much exercise I'm doing and set myself new goals each week. I had planned on starting it last Tuesday but I had an attack of arthritis in my shoulders so my original plans disappeared. I currently have a stinking cold so my plans for getting back in the pool will have to wait. We are also having yet more snow so getting out for a daily walk is not on either, as the pavements will once again be treacherous. Not a great start is it.

Sewing wise I have only two goals:

1. To finish Celtic Autumn
2. To finish the stitching I committed myself to for others.

My biggest goal for the year though is to still be happily married by the end of the year. The start of new decades are not good for me:

In 1990 my first husband was killed in a road accident.
In 2000 my second husband decided to trade me in a for a younger model.

Which is why getting to the end of this year with my marriage and family still in tact and with us all fit and healthy is really the only goal I have for this year. I truly don't want to make it a third decade in a row that starts on a low


Meadows08 said...

If I've learned anything the last couple days after reading about everyone's 2009 stitching goals it's to set the bar for my goals LOW!! LOL

Good luck this year.

BilboWaggins said...

I wish you every success with everything you aim to achieve in the coming year, and much love and happiness in your home (oh yes, and plenty of fell walking too!)

Deb said...

I too set my bar low on goals. I've learned over the years that if they're too complicated or I have too many of them I fail. Have just one or two, and I do well!!

Brigitte said...

I never make resolutions nor do I set goals. The only thing I do is planning. I browse my stitching stash, my WIPs and UFOs and think about what I could stitch or finish in the new year. That's just for the fun of it.
I wish you a Happy New Year full of health and happy times with you family.

Lesley said...

Doesn't life sometimes seem as if it's completely stacked up against you? But naff as that is, the good times WILL come and when they do, they will be all the sweeter for it. You'll get there. Hope you're planning a radical Peak walk (or two) for the OFC mob again this year. It will be good to see you and John again. Take care.

Redwitch said...

I did the same thing in relation to goals, set them for the first time last year and then didn't get to any of them!

I figure my stitching is for relaxation so I just go with what comes along :)

All the best to you for 2010!

Karan said...

Good Luck with your Goals. Remember the old saying about Third time Lucky? Keep that in mind & think/stay positive & all will be well. :0)