Monday, 1 March 2010

Daily Quiz Challenge

I've launched the Daily Quiz Challenge on my Quizwise website today.

The first week's questions have a mountain theme and the first question is a relatively topical one.

Pop over to my website and have a go and don't forget to send me your answer for a chance to get your name on the monthly league table.


Peg said...

Hi Angela
I've just joined the TUSAL and saw your name at the top of the blog list of participants so thought as a fellow Derbyshire-ite I'd pop in to say hello. :o)

Peg x

drea_dear said...

submitted my answer :) I grew up 2 hours south of there, lol

drea_dear said...

uh-oh, no I didn't submit my answer - "Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently". :(

Karan said...

Darn, missed it!