Wednesday, 14 July 2010

My Sort of Doctor

Just returned from a visit to the Doctor as I have been suffering from a bad attack of arthritis for the past three weeks. It seems to clear up but then returns.

Anyway, besides the pills she has given me she has also instructed me that I'm to do:

No Ironing
No Washing Up
No Hoovering

Shame I did them all before I went to the doctors, which probably explains why I've had another flare-up.

As you can imagine there are howls of disbelief from my Husband, Daughter and Son, knew I should have got it in writing.

As for me that's my sort of diagnosis, I'll be visiting her again!!


Deb said...

I definitely would go back to her - I like her way of diagnosing! Hope you're feeling better.

Jo said...

LOVE IT!! I bet they wanted that in writing at home :)
On a serious note, I'm sorry to hear that your arthritis is flaring up - hope with a suitable break from housework (forever?) that you get it back under control

Rachael said...

Love that diagnosis, I would have to have it in writing as no one would believe me!

Sally said...

Definitely a doctor to go back to!!! My lots wouldn't believe it unless I had it in writing!!! I do hope you are feeling better soon though.

Teena in Toronto said...

I wish my doctor would tell me I can do housework too :)

Happy blogoversary :)

Karan said...

Sorry to hear about the flare up - hope you're soon feeling much better. Have you tried drinking Noni juice? Have heard it gives brilliant results.
I'd love a GP like yours! LOL :0)

Brigitte said...

I love this prescription, lol.
But I hope that you feel much better by now.

Hazel said...

Oh dear. Hope you're feeling better soon. I guess that means no stitching either for you. xx

Always smiling said...

My sort of Dr too

I popped back to see what you had done to your garden?

Chris x

The Redhead Riter said...

What is her phone number? I want an RX like that and also with the line, "Your family needs to do all the chores."