Wednesday, 17 December 2008

At Last Some Stitching

Over the last few weeks I have managed to do some work on Celtic Autumn. Each session has been quite short so it didn't seem worth posting pictures but when I looked back at the last picture I posted I realised I have actually made quite good progress with her.

Most of the stitching has been on the swirls on her dress, which means lots of short bits of stitching, so progress seems quite slow at times, but I'm still enjoying her. In fact I'm off to do some more work on her now as the housework is done, Husband is cooking tonight so I have the whole afternoon to stitch, what luxury!!


Anonymous said...

Well you have certainly got some progress since November so well done you It's looking great!

Sally said...

She is looking lovely Angela:)

Redwitch said...

Celtic Autumn is coming along nicely, every stitch counts :)