Saturday, 14 February 2009

Green Shoots, Brownies and Valentines.

A funny week, with a lot happening, that has nothing to do with the blog but stopped me doing any real sewing or blogging.

Last week I had a go at making Chocolate Brownies, it's a good few years since I've made them and having tasted them I now know why.

To say they are rich and sweet is an understatement, even Son commented on how much chocolate there was in them. I hadn't actually put in the recommended amount and had to mix dark and milk chocolate just to make up the amount I did put in. I think they would have been untouched if I'd used the recommended amount of dark chocolate.

After nearly 3 weeks of checking on them everyday my sweet peas are starting to have green shoots.

I lost all of the geraniums, which wasn't really a surprise, now I just have to avoid killing the sweet peas. As the snow is going and the weather is maybe going to start to warm up I shall turn my attention to sewing some more seeds.

The only stitching I have done this week is the Valentines' Day card I made Husband.

Be Mine
18 count White Aida
DMC threads

It's based on a design Rachael did, although I changed the lettering to some I found in one of my cross stitch books. I received a card from Husband and a bunch of flowers which he gave me on Thursday. Tonight we are treating ourselves to a take-away and a bottle of wine, a real treat these days as the last time we did this was the night before he lost his job.


Anonymous said...

yum they do look sweet and rich,oh I'm drooling!!
Your card looks fab,I love the lettering you used,I stitched mine and made it into a phone holder for DH.

Annemarie said...

Oh, how cruel of you to show us those brownies!
Lovely card you made for your husband.
Sweet peas... Hmmm. I'm thinking of which sort of plant I want to experiment with this year. Last year was pumpkin year, but I'm thinking this time maybe sunflowers :o)

Sally said...

Those brownies look yummy! I made some for the first time last year and we loved them.

Lovely card you stitched for your DH.

Brigitte said...

Ahhhh, brownies. And yes, they look very rich and sweet, and aren't they supposed to be just like that? I for one LOVE them like that ...

Conny said...

Yummy, those brownies look delicious to me.

Karan said...

The brownies look tasty. I love sweet peas - hope they continue to grow well so we can see a pic of them in flower. :0)
Lovely Valentine's card you made - the figurine is gorgeous. :0)

Jacky said...

hope the seedligs are still doing well? And the brownies all gone??