Monday, 2 February 2009

A Walk, A Book and A Pass

Saturday finally saw me pulling on my walking boots and heading , along with Husband for a walk on the edges. The route was selected because I knew it was easy terrain, fairly flat and just long enough to justify taking my small rucksack. It's also a route that Husband hasn't done for a good few years as I usually do it during the week when it is much quieter. We started at Curbar Gap, headed up to and along White Edge, down past the Grouse Inn and then along Froggatt and Curbar Edges, which at that time of day (lunchtime) were probably as busy as my local high street.

Looking along White Edge from the trig point.

The good news is that after 5.75 miles with a light rucksack there were absolutely no after effects with my back so once the snow has stopped I can start getting out walking on the hills again. I avoid walking in snow as much as possible, especially once it has frozen and become very slippery. More pictures from the walk available here.

Saturday night, or should that be Sunday morning , saw me burning the midnight oil as I was reading The School Run by Sophie King.

It's a book that I read a couple of years ago and I found it just as addictive second time round. In fact when I turned the light out at 2:30 am I still hadn't finished it. I actually finished it Sunday morning before I got up, although I only had a few pages left to read and the main plots had all been resolved by then. I'm sure when I first read it it had only just come out in paperback so I think I'll now go and read some more of her books.
So what's the pass, well its my car, it passed its MOT today, with only the bulb above the number plate needing changing. A big sigh of relief as I really couldn't afford for it to fail on something expensive.


Hazel said...

Glad you're back out walking again! It must have drove you half mad. Well, would you believe we don't even owna sledge!! I just can't seem to find any. That one belonged to the neighbours. xx

Brigitte said...

This seems to be a very nice walk. Good that you can go there again without any bad consequences for your back.

mainely stitching said...

Hooray that you could enjoy your beautiful walk with no ill effects!!

Erna said...

Waht a lovely walk it must have been.Hope the snow will soon disappaer, however it just started to snow here in Holland too.
Take care

Karan said...

Good to know you're back walking again. Fabulous photos - brought back memories of walking that area when DS was little. :0)
Book sounds interesting - another one to watch out for. :0)