Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Fitness, Neighbours and Some Stitching

Considering I planned on losing about 3 stones this year I can safely say I am nowhere near to achieving it. Injuring my back at the start of the year certainly knocked me back two months but for the last two months I have been seriously lacking in the motivation required to get out of bed and down to the pool or gym first thing most mornings. I've also found that I'm even lacking the inspiration to hit the hills which has meant I have kept going in a downward spiral.

Two weeks ago I finally dragged myself down to the pool and just about made my way through 40 lengths or 1 km. Given that 50 lengths is my normal easy swim this is not good, even worse I ached all over the next day. As the first step is always the hardest last week I made it down to the pool twice and managed 50 lengths each time but I can definitely say it's going to be a long haul before I'm back to where I was this time last year.

When I'm getting over a back injury I also try to make a walk part of my daily routine. As I live in a hilly part of town I can make this easy or hard by varying the route to include as many hills as I want. Today I finally managed to get myself out for a walk so that's another step in the right direction. Two months later than it should of been but I'll let myself off that one as I have been doing a lot of walking anyway delivering flyers for Husband. Once I've got my swim up to a decent distance I'll head back to the gym which is the real test for my back and level of fitness.

I thought I'd share with you these roses, which aren't from Husband put a thank you from one of my neighbours.

I spent 5 hours on Saturday painting/staining the fence at the side of her house. As we share part of the fence with her I felt it was only right that we painted our part of the fence. As she didn't like the first colour she had already put on half of the fence I actually ended up doing all of the fence and not just the bit we shared with her but as it was a glorious day I didn't mind and I certainly wasn't expecting anything for it.

I have started a new stitching project, but I can't show you it as its a gift for a reader of my blog.

As promised here is a picture of Celtic Autumn which is the major cause of my lack of sewing this month.

She now needs to go onto a scroll frame but I just can't bring myself to do it even though I know I must if I don't want to end up crushing the metallic threads.

I've also made one small addition to my stash. Its a new Lizzie Kate design which I just had to get as nearly everyone of them is made for my shopaholic, shoe, bag, clothes and make-up loving Daughter. My idea of hell her idea of a great time.


Anonymous said...

Pretty flowers, and Celtic Autumn's skirt is looking great!!

Always smiling said...

Hi Angela,

So like me reading and gardening pushes stitching out of the window!
But that Cletic Lady is looking fantastic... as for the weight loss???
I am trying to be more relaxed about me losing weight and it I do I do and if I don't argh!!!!!
Chris x

Annemarie said...

Ugh, fitness? Swimming? Walking? My body was definitely made for stitching and doing crossword puzzles, so I admire any form of self-induced physical activity. You sound motivated, though. I'm cheering you on (can you hear me?)

mainely stitching said...

Swimming is hard work! I think trying even half that would leave me seriously winded and in danger of drowning. Heck, I doubt I could do even 5 laps!

Love your Celtic lady - these are such gorgeous, dramatic, beautiful designs!!

Sally said...

CA is looking so pretty Angela.

I can't swim so it's no good for me. I'm finding it really hard to get out walking and I really need to.

Angela P said...

Celtic Autumn is looking very beautiful :)

Brigitte said...

Celtic Autumn looks great, I love all the Celtic ladies but haven't stitched any of them so far. A job for my retirement, lol.

BilboWaggins said...

Well done for getting the fence painted. Horrible job but at least it is finished now.

Karan said...

Best of Luck with getting back into the fitness regime & losing weight - will be cheering you on! The flowers are a lovely thank you.
Nice to see CA again. :0)