Wednesday, 3 June 2009

I Ache...........

............ but I really don't mind as today I swam 60 lengths which seems much more like it to me. The 10 minute walk home from the pool was a very slow one and I'll certainly sleep tonight but at least I'm starting to see the benefits of the past weeks activity.

Perhaps I should point out that as a teenager I did train fairly seriously as a swimmer getting up early and swimming before and after school, hence the ability to do what to others seems like a silly number of lengths. Yes that does mean most of them are front crawl, with head in water and tumble turns at each end ,which explains why my arms are aching like crazy at the moment. However the words of my swimming coach are ringing in my ears:

"You only get out of the water what you put into the water."

I could also apply that to walking as yesterday I went for a walk in Lathkill Dale. I knew I was moving fairly fast but it was only when I got home and worked out that the route was 8 miles that I realised how fast I was moving, I did it in just over 3 hours.

Lathkill Dale

Limestone in Lathkill Dale from Cales Dale

Last Friday Husband and I did a 10 mile walk that included two climbs, one to Shutlingsloe and then a climb up to Shining Tor right at the end of the walk.


The last climb to Shining Tor was a real effort for me and I was really struggling as my legs really didn't want to go up, on the flat they were fine but lifting them uphill wasn't good.

That last climb to Shining Tor

The lack of hill walking was showing, time to get the Rosemary Conley DVD out. I find doing the exercises tedious but I have to admit the programme is great at building up not only stamina but also the leg and thigh muscles that are essential for saving knees going up and down hills. It seems that the combination of the DVD and some easier daily walks around my local streets is already paying dividends. Now lets just hope that the weight starts to disappear as well.

A few weeks ago Son finally removed his train track from the lofts floor and so I was able to get to my jigsaw box which I haven't been able to reach for the last few years. So last week I enjoyed an old hobby and did my Charles Dickens jigsaw.

I'd forgotten how addictive they can be and found myself suddenly having spent an hour doing it when I was only going to put one piece in. Sorry Bilbo put your definitely taking the blame for this, posting pictures of your completed jigsaws on your blog started me off on this jigsaw. I daren't start another until I've got a few jobs out of the way.

I have been sewing but I can't show it as it will be a gift for someone who reads this blog, I just haven't decided who yet.


Anonymous said...

Some beautiful photos!! I must agree jigsaws are very addictive although I haven't done one in quite a while!!

Stitching Kath said...

im worn out just thinking about swimming 60 lengths haha

been a long time since i went swimming perhaps it might do my back good

BeckySC said...

WOW, gorgeous pictures!!
I'm a water bug...I miss having a pool :)
Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Brigitte said...

I love the pictures of your walks, what a wonderful scenery.

BilboWaggins said...

Morning! Great to see you back out and about again, 60 lengths - sheesh girl, if I could do SIX lengths I would be happy.

And 8 miles or so in 3 hours - you really are in much better fettle than you give yourself credit for. Pat on the back time!

mainely stitching said...

My knees give me no end of problems when we do hill walks (which are seldom in this impossibly flat land, but still). Are there specific hill-climbing muscles that will prevent this? I must look into it.

Good for you, getting out and being active. And what LOVELY countryside to walk in!!!

Karan said...

Your walking pics always make me want to get my boots on! Amazed by how quickly you manage to build up the exercise - I'm shattered just reading it! Afraid I loathe aerobics & that kind of exercise - always preferred Fitness Training on the weight machines & walking.
Ooo jigsaws, haven't done one for ages. Will be getting ours out again once the clear out & redecorating is done. :0)