Friday, 7 January 2011

2010 Goals

Not being a great believer in New Year Resolutions I do like to set
myself some goals for the year.

Last year my stitching goals were quite simple:

To finish Celtic Autumn.
To finish the stitching I committed myself to for others.

Sadly neither of them were achieved in fact last year saw a pathetically
small amount of stitching being done.

My main goal however was to still be happily married by the end of the year. As I explained the start of 2010 new decades are not good for me:
In 1990 my first husband was killed in a road accident.

In 2000 my second husband decided to trade me in a for a younger model.

So I set as my main goal to get to the end of this year with my marriage and family still in tact and with us all fit and healthy.

Well we are still married and quite happily despite it being a challenging year, with us both being in the first year of setting up new businesses. The health front hasn't been quite so good as the second half of the year saw me unable to walk very far but that is being sorted out now and I'm back out walking again so all in all I think we can say my main goal for the year was achieved.


Bev said...

I am glad that the main goal worked out, and i am so sorry for the loss of your first husband, and your second, well thats his loss. I know what you mean as February is always a bad month for me, and this year is going to be as bad, but at least i have my stitching to preoccupy me lol

Stitching Noni said...

Hi Angela, good to hear that you got through 2010 - 2011 will be a good year. The start of a new decade with everything to look forward to.

Hope everything goes well, that your health improves, the business florishes and your needle flies through your fabric!


mainely stitching said...

You certainly met your one truly important goal! I'd be very leery of decades, too. Take care!!!

Ziggyeor said...

Well I'm glad the main goal worked out this time. Third time's a charm I guess.