Tuesday, 11 January 2011

We're in Love

With Yankee Candles.

Whilst out Christmas shopping last December I came across a Yankee Candle shop in our local shopping centre. As the sister-in-law is incredibly difficult to buy for I picked up some candles for her as a gift, which she ended up not getting.

As is traditional in our house on Christmas Eve we had a take-away and as I didn't fancy coming down Christmas Day and opening our presents in a room that had that, you had a curry last night smell, I set one of the candles alight. Never really having had much to do with candles, unless there is a power cut, I wasn't sure it would have the desired effect, but the room was soon smelling of cinnamon, rather than curry, and the next morning no curry smell at all. Wonderful.

Now they must be good because last night we also had dinner in the living room, rather than in the dining room, and I came downstairs last night to find that husband had lit one of the candles.

It is official we are candle converts and I'm just wondering how long it will take us to burn our way through the sister-in-law's Christmas present so as that I can pick a new fragrance.


Hazel said...

I like them too! You can get car air freshener ones as well. Not candles though lol.

Rachael xxx said...

LOL what did you buy the sister in law instead?

Siobhan said...

I love Yankee Candles!! I bought one of those little tart warmers that they sell recently. I bought a bag of plain tea light candles at the grocery store and then just a small bit of the tart is needed, and it burns for most of the afternoon. It's lovely to stitch away to a nice smell in the house!

Anonymous said...

I love candles, haven't tried yankee candles yet thought, but they are everywhere!

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