Monday, 28 July 2008

Thursday - Saturday: Busy, Busy, Busy

Wow where have the last few days gone? Thursday and Friday were spent celebrating family birthdays. Thursday was Husband's birthday and then on Friday it was my daughter's birthday and yes she did like her Eyeore.

Thursday was also a significant day for me as at long last I'm able to get back out walking after nearly two months spent waiting for my ligaments to heal properly. I had a quick walk, above Hathersage, exploring a path below Higger Tor that I haven't been on before. The views were pretty awful as there was a really thick heat haze but it was very warm and the crowds were out near the river. When I got home I hurriedly made some Chocolate Chip Muffins so as that we could stick a candle in one and sing Husband Happy Birthday before we went out for a meal to celebrate his birthday

Amy had requested a coffee cake for her birthday so Friday was another baking day but this time it was take-away (Amy's request) instead of a meal out. I had also reached that stage in my reading where I simply had to keep on reading, so it was a quiet evening in reading. I finished The Vows of Silence the next morning straight after breakfast. I always enjoy Susan Hill's books, having been introduced to her as part of my A level Literature course and this book was no exception. Although it's a crime thriller it was actually the story around Cat's family that held my attention this time. If you haven't read it it's well worth reading but do read the others in the series first.

I had planned on getting my front garden straight on Saturday but it was far too hot to work outside so I did some work on Love Songs instead. I had hoped to get the black keys finished this weekend but got distracted by the 20/20 cricket final which was so good it made me put my sewing down so as that I could watch it in full.

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