Monday, 28 July 2008

Sunday - Shades of Grey & Rail Roading

More progress on the fitness front as today I was able to return to the gym, no running yet but otherwise I was able to do my short program without any ill effect on my ankle.

The afternoon and evening were spent on Love Songs and I almost got the black keys finished. Each key has four different colours in it so they were quite fiddly. I seemed to spend more time threading my needle than I did stitching as it wasn't possible to park and stitch. I had to eventually stop stitching when I realised I'd got two back stitch stitches in the wrong place and had to unpick all the back stitch in that key. My eyes were getting tired. These aren't all of the keys, there are six more but I won't get around to them for a while yet.

My Celtic Lady chart arrived on Friday and Hazel has sent me a link to the different colour variations so I also spent some time looking at them. I think I'll probably stick to the colours in the chart as all of the variations involve more orange and brown colours and there are plenty of them in Love Songs. As I'm hoping to do her on linen I have practised using the rail roading technique (which I saw in a Jane Greenoff book) when I was doing the keys on Love Songs. It certainly slowed me down but seeing how flat my stitches appeared it was worth the effort.

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Hazel said...

Hi Angela I think Sally said she found some rings from Thread Bear under the floss organisation I think. I got mine from click on crafts Samuel Taylor. xx