Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Getting Involved

No sewing yesterday as Husband was ironing whilst watching the cricket so I couldn't get to my sewing chair. Instead I spent far too much time browsing the internet and signed up to 'Jayne's Attic Forum'. I was then a little naughty, as I planned on being a silent reader for a few days, but saw the 'Good Friends Count SAL that was starting so signed up for it before I'd introduced myself. This morning I spotted the August Challenge so voted on that. I really liked the design I voted for and could see it as a pin keep, which I really fancy having a go at, so I hope it wins.

In between browsing Jayne's Attic I started getting up-to-date with my website which is only 7 walks behind!! Not being able to get out walking on a regular basis has meant I've not been keeping up with my postings but now I'm fit(tish) again I need to catch up fast. So it's another computer day for me today.

Early yesterday saw me back in the swimming pool for the first time in months. I only managed 50 lengths and it felt like I was swimming through treacle but at least that too is progress. Mind my arms are aching today!! I'll settle for my easier routine in the gym later and hopefully a walk tomorrow which give my arms the chance to recover.


BilboWaggins said...

"only" FIFTY lengths - good grief girl, if I could do 50 lengths I'd demand they put me in the Olympic team. Welcome to Blogging, am very imprssed with some of your XS, I too have something that is not quite as old as Eyeore but may never get finished. hugs for now, Bilbo

Hazel said...

Oh august challenge!! I forgot. Going to go check it out. xx

Karan said...

Cor, I feel shattered just reading about your exercises!
Thanks for visiting my blog & commenting. I've enjoyed browsing your blog & have added you to my Bloglines list - looking forward to seeing Love Songs develop. :0)