Thursday, 29 January 2009

Three Bottles of Wine

No that's not the amount I drunk last night, it's what I'm giving up in order to pay for the order I placed at Thread Bear on Tuesday, that arrived today. The drop in income that accompanied Husband's loss of job means we don't go out anymore and my one treat a week is whichever bottle of dry white wine is on offer at Sainsburys.

Now it's here it doesn't look much does it and certainly not like three weeks worth of wine. I can't tell you what it's for just yet, but hopefully all will be revealed in the next few weeks.

I have been doing some very secret stitching over the last couple of days, which I will be able to show you in a couple of weeks time. Alongside my secret stitching I have also been working on Love Songs.

If your trying to work out what I've done on it, it is the bit around the piano hinge.

I know it doesn't look like much progress but yesterday was one of those days when there were frogs and knots in abundance. I gave up in the end and had a glass of the bottle of wine that I'd opened for the mustard sauce we had with our pork for dinner last night.

Fitness-wise it looks like I'll be able to get back in the pool very soon. I had a long walk around our neighbourhood yesterday and for the first time since injuring my back had no aches or pain. I had been planning on a pulling on the walking boots and going for a short, flat walk on Curbar Edge today but the forecast sunshine is in fact thick mist and fog, so unless it clears up soon it will be the local streets again. I have to admit two weeks of very little physical activity is starting to drive me nuts, even if it was the correct thing to do.


Erna said...

Hi Angela,I'm new, but happy to hear you walked the walk. Love your blog especially, as we're both stitching the Celtic Autumn.
I will show some pictures on my blog soon.
Bye Erna

mainely stitching said...

I'm having a bit of a laugh at measuring stash in bottles of wine - never thought of that before. I better not mention it, or DH might decide he'd rather have a wine cellar! LOL!

Good luck with the swimming - I hope you'll be able to get into it very soon!

Sally said...

Love Songs is looking good Angela.

I love buying from Thread Bear. They are so helpful but my stash buying will be less this year.

Karan said...

Given a choice between stash or wine I'd go for the stash every time. ;0)
Oh, you've had the knots/frogs problem too - must be something in the air this week. LS is looking good despite the problems.
WTG with the walk - glad you're well on the mend. :0)