Tuesday, 9 June 2009

A Dilemma

I have been working on a LHN piece for the last couple of weeks and I have always planned on finishing it as a mattress pincushion. However now I need to make a decision and any thoughts would be more than welcome.

I also have to be cryptic because it may well end up as a gift for someone who reads the blog. I keep umming and arrghing about this as maybe it would be unwelcome. This isn't a reflection on them, more on my shyness as I can't imagine why anyone would want something from me.

I've decided to not use any of the fabric I brought for backing it, instead I'm going to use the linen for all of it so I need to create a pattern/border for the sides which isn't really a problem.

However what I do with the back is.

I could easily create something simple for the back and make up the pincushion or I could be patient, order another LHN pattern for the back, which will compliment the one on the front. I'm tempted to wait as with both LHN designs it would reflect the possible recipients two hobbies well.

What do you think?


Stitching Kath said...

dont beat yourself up about it. Im sure the luck recipiant will love what you have made for them. I am intrigued though which LHN you have stitched and which you are thinking of doing on the back cos I have just started doing the LHN. Cant wait for you to share it with us. love kath

Angela P said...

I really like the idea of using 2 LHN charts on the front/back. I'm sure whoever you make it for is going to love it :) I'm looking forward to seeing the finish!

Wendy said...

While I love the idea of doing two distinct patterns on the front and the back... I really think that should be determined by the type of finish. It would be absolutely gorgeous, but...the recipient would most likely not spend time flipping a mattress pincushion over on a periodic basis so one design would go unappreciated (in display, not in gratitude!!)

If this were an ornament or a flatfold where both sides could be seen regularly I would say go ahead and wait so you could include the two hobbies. But as it is I would just do a modified version of the front on the back.. perhaps the outline and a small motif in the corners.

And don't be shy! If it's a gift for someone that reads your blog then I am certain that they will LOVE anything that you make them!

Anonymous said...

I am sure if it is a gift they will adore it. How about the person's name and maybe the year on the back so it will certainly be a treasured item.

Jo said...

I'm sure the gift will be loved - people who read stitchy blogs love stitchy gifts, and really appreciate the time that went in to them. Who wouldn't love something from you?

I've been doing a LHN as a gift for someone, and also had the 'what do I put on the back' dliemma. In the end I did a simple border, based on the front, then in the middle stitched my initials and the year. I need to make it up this weekend, and post it, but maybe, just maybe there will be a photo on my blog by the end of the month???