Sunday, 7 June 2009

Stash & Books

As promised a picture of what the postman brought yesterday from Thread Bear.

There are 3 fat quarters of fabric for the backing of projects. I was actually just looking for something for one particular project but I couldn't resist the blue one or the pins one. Having seen them all now I'm not sure I'll use my original choice for the project I had in mind. I hope to get that project finished this week and once it has reached its new home you'll be able to see what I decided to do.

The DMC and Krenik threads are to enable me to get on with two other projects, one for Daughter and one of my PIFs.

The linen is a pure extravagance on my part. As soon as I saw the colour on the site I had to have it. No idea what or when I will use it but hey isn't that what stash is all about. I'm considering it an early birthday present to myself.

I've not done much reading over the last few weeks but before then I finished a couple of books.

I have now read the final book in the Martin Edwards series set in the Lake District.

I have to say I thought this was the best one by a long way. A really great plot which had me enthralled from start to finish.

I have also tried out a new author Sophie Kinsella. It seems that most of her books are about a shopaholic which given my aversion to shopping absolutely don't interest me at all.

When I started this book I didn't think I was going to like it all but I have to say once it got going, which took a while, it was a great read. It kept me up until 2:30 a.m. and then I had a quick 30 minutes of reading before I got up the next morning in order to finish it. Can't see me ever reading her Shopaholic books but any others by her will probably get picked up.

Finally I have a gift from an Aunt. She was clearing out her house and found this cross stitch book which she has given to me.

It has some nice projects in it and I think I'll stitch her up something from it as a thank you.

A quick thank you to everyone who posted such encouraging comments on my previous post.I'm not giving up on the exercise, in part because I have a more immediate goal than just losing 3 stone this year. I'd like to be able to get into and look good in a certain skirt for Daughter's Graduation ceremony .


Anonymous said...

Great stash haul!! I love the pin fabric!!
I do recommend just trying the first shopaholic book, I love Sophie Kinsellas books

Deanne J said...

I love Sophie Kinsella too. Her shopaholic books are great, so are all the others. real name is Madeleine Wickham and she's written books under that name but I haven't read any yet.

Brigitte said...

Great new stash, Angela.
Good to know about that last book in the Lake District series. I read the first and liked it, the second was good, too, but nothing extraordinary, and that's all I have read so far. Looking forward to reading the last.

Karan said...

Fab stash haul. That linen colour screams mermaid to me (think I've got a fixation, don't you? LOL). Will keep an eye out for those books (the Shopaholic ones turn me cold too). Nice gift from your Aunt. With a goal like that you'll have a great incentive to keep going - will be cheering you on. :0)