Monday, 20 July 2009

I Have a Finishing Pile

Over the last few weeks most of my stitching has been the secret kind. Whilst two of the pieces are now stitched and awaiting finishing one of them was just started late last night. As it will be at least a week before I even have them ready to go to their new homes and even longer before I can show you them in full I thought I'd offer a few snapshots of the different pieces.

Some of you may recognise what I'm actually stitching but please don't let on.


Jo said...

hmm, I don't recognise them - it'll be fun to see the revelation of the finished pieces!

BilboWaggins said...

No guesses, but they do look lovely and neat!

Always smiling said...

Hi Angela,

Happy blogoversary, today it seems!
And the stitching looks great.. the pin tin came from a little shop in Porthcawl in Wales, the town where I was born and grew up. The shop is the same now as it was 40 years ago! Piled high with haberdashery and I bought the one tin, I do wish I had bought more as it was very reasonable and the headed pins were included..I am hoping it will still be there when I go again!
Chris x

Sally said...

They look lovely Angela. The top one looks familiar but I'm not really sure! Lol!

Karan said...

Looking forward to seeing more when you can show & tell. :0)