Wednesday, 8 July 2009

SAL's and Stash

When I got back from my holiday I found out that Kathy is trying to get the Celtic Lady SAL going again and it was just the excuse I needed to do some more work on her. Previously I was finding that I liked to work on her on Sunday but the Wimbledon Final got in the way of that so I picked her up again on Monday. I set myself the target of finishing off one of the braid cards I had and getting the trim on the bottom of her dress done.

As you can see I actually ended up doing a little more than that, but that was because I didn't achieve everything I wanted on Monday so I worked on it yesterday as well. On Monday it was put aside so we could watch Torchwood and I wasn't sorry I did so. As I write Tuesday's episode is on the video to be watched later tonight along with tonight's episode, so no spoilers please. Thursday and Friday's episodes will also be watched together on Friday night so again don't tell me what happens, please.

Before I went to the Lakes I received my order form Thread Bear.

Just about everything in here will be used for one or other of the PIF's I am currently working on, although I couldn't resist the backing fabric which is 'just' a stash addition.

As of yet I haven't received the chart for my planned Blogversary Giveaway so whoever wins it may have to be patient. If you've not entered you've still got time as the closing date is the 21st July just add a comment to the relevant post.
I have also been working on some PIF's but no pictures yet. I must get one made-up, now that I have all the materials I need for it.


Anonymous said...

This is turning out so beautiful; can't wait to see her face.

Annemarie said...

Hmm, your talk of entertaining television has inspired me to watch some old Touch of Frost on the video. Thanks!
Your package looks lovely. I tried to embiggen the picture to get a closer look at the fabric, because that looks so, so delicious.

Andrea said...

Your Celtic lady is coming along beautifully. Great stash too.

Rachael said...

It's great you are working on the Celtic lady again, since I have finished Spring I have been itching to start either winter or Noel, but haven't got a fabric I like yet!
Yes Torchwood fabulous although I missed Monday nights, will watch it on iplayer

Brigitte said...

Oh, your Celtic Lady is looking fantastic.
I often watch my favourite shows while stitching but when it gets too exciting the stitching has to be put down.

Always smiling said...

Beautiful stitching, it is such a lovely design,,, tennis got in my way too!

Chris x

Lula said...

Your celtic lady is looking beautiful. And the stash looks pretty scrummy too!

Karan said...

Great progress on your Celtic Lady, she's looking fab. Hope you enjoyed Torchwood.... I'll fess up to not watching it. Fab new stash, have fun using it all. :0)

Sally said...

Celtic is looking beautiful Angela. Nice new stash there too.

Torchwood was brilliant although I did find the last episode a bit too upsetting for my liking.

Jennifer said...

I love L and L especially the Celtic ones. I have not completed one but have the pattern. Makes me now want to put my samplers down and work on a L and L angel.


Angela P said...

I love your Celtic lady, looks wonderful so far! I didn't care for Torchwood thought it was a bit boring and thought the ending was awful. Did you enjoy it?