Wednesday, 22 July 2009


First of all the winner of my Blogversary Giveaway is Conny. I used a randomiser to create the list and then asked Son to pick a number between 1 and 20, he picked 19 (his age) thus making Conny the winner. Husband acted as an independent adjudicator.

1 Mainlely Stitching
2 Angela P
3 Jo
4 Broken Fairy
5 Patti
6 Always Smiling
7 Daffycat
8 Maggee
9 Lynda
10 Dera Dera
11 Nina
12 Karen
13 Stitching Kath
14 Deb
15 Jeanie
16 Hazel
17 Lula
18 Sally
19 Conny
20 Lisa

Thanks to everyone who took part, better luck next time.

I have also been lucky enough to be given a Friendship award by Patti . Thank you for thinking of me.

I have to nominate 8 other peoples blogs as part of the award so the 8 additional winners are:

Barbara at Mainley Stitching - I love your mix of family life and stitching. How you ever find time to stitch amazes me.

Anne-Marie at Orts & Ends - I suspect Pantoef is about to become the new star of your blog.

Angela at Hooked on Stitches - The flat fold queen.

Nina at Between Crosses with Nina - Your stitching is beautiful.

Paulette at Plum Street Samplers - Another great mix of family and stitching. This site should come with a bank account health warning, her samplers are beautiful.

Andrea at The Craft Room - More beautiful stitching, with stitches that look oh so perfect.

Elisa at Old Ragged Threads - More inspirational stitching.

Sally at Stitchyangels Treasures - Anyone who tackles as many Haeds as you do deserves an award, just looking at the chart of a small one is enough to send my head into a spin.

As ever it's hard to pick out just 8 as all the blogs I read are great, if they weren't why would I read them.

This reminds me that I really must update the blog list on my sidebar. I have to admit I use it as my way of speeding up looking at my favourite blogs as if your blog is on there I can tell instantly if it has been updated or not. Am I the only one who does this?


Nina said...

Dear Angela,

You are so kind, thank you very much!! :)
Of course I'll write your name onto my post ;)
Thank you!


Nina said...

Congratulations for the lucky winner too!

Annemarie said...

Oh, thank you so much, Angela. I'm blushing now :o)

Angela P said...

Thanks for the award :) Congrats to your blog winner too!

mainely stitching said...

Oh how sweet! Thank you so much!! :D :D :D DH is up putting the two middle kids to bed (I had the easy job of putting Arden down) and now I'm sitting here enjoying a bit of "me" time - what a lovely surprise from you. :D

Patti said...

Congratulations to Conny. What a wonderful Blogaversary giveaway you have won and I hope you enjoy it because I sure would! Shame her son wasn't 5! Then I would have won. But I feel like I have anyway because I clicked on your blog and it is just lovely and I love love love your flowers and stitching and have save it to my bloglist so that I can in the future see when you update it. Lots of Love Patti xxx

Yoyo said...

Happy Blogaversary!! And such a nice blog too. I'm just popping in to welcome you to the Totally Useless SAL, so glad to have a new member. I'll be back later to read a little more.

Conny said...

I cann't believe that I'm the winner. So happy! Thank you for the lovely giveaway. I have send you my address.

Jo said...

Angela, I do that with my side bar too... much easier than going to each via my bookmarks. Although sometimes I forget to add blogs to the blogroll, and it can take me a while to work out when I was last online to begin with!

Congrats Conny, and all your award nominees

Andrea said...

Thank you Angela for the award. I'm so glad you enjoy my blog.

Sally said...

Thank you so much for my award Angela:)

Karan said...

Congratulations Conny. :0)Congratulations to you too. :0)
I use Bloglines to keep track of all the blogs I read - my side bar list would be humongous otherwise. :0)