Monday, 17 August 2009

So Frustrating

My plan for the weekend was to work on and hopefully finish Gentle & Kind so as that I could take it to be framed today. I had a weekend of watching the 20/Twenty Finals and the World Athletics Championship along with a bit of ironing and a lot of stitching planned. I managed to achieve all 4 but hadn't counted on not being able to finish the piece because I ran out of thread.

I have completely run out of the light brown and the green threads and suspect that I will also run out of the red thread before I finish all the lettering. In each case I'm a maximum of two strands of thread short. I am so frustrated.

I wouldn't mind if I'd wasted the thread but most of the time when I'd finished with each strand there was barely enough thread to secure the stitching with and no frogs that resulted in wasted thread. All I can say is that someone was incredibly tight with the amount of thread they allocated to this Thread Pack.

As it turns out I love Crescent Colours, so I don't mind buying the threads, as I'm sure I'll use them again, but from now on I'll be buying the charts, not the thread packs, whenever that is an option.

Now to place my threads order, which no doubt will mean some extra additions to my stash as I'm not paying for postage for just 3 threads.

Ouch - just ordered the threads they were the Belle Soie Silks at nearly £5.00 each. If I had a safe I'd be keeping them in it when they arrived!!


Karan said...

Being too mean on threads is one of my biggest bugbears with kits. They should all take a leaf out of Heritage Stitchcrafts book - they are always very generous.
Sounds like a pleasant weekend apart from the frustrating kit. The piece is lovely. :0)
Don't think I'll be rushing to buy those silks then. LOL

Deb said...

You definitely can not only order threads! That would be an absolute crime! I went to buy just one piece of fabric the other day and came home with a boatload of things.

That is too bad about the thread though. I just bought a couple of LHN's smaller designs and I noticed that they came me complete skeins of Crescent Colors in with the chart. Perhaps they had other complaints about the amount of thread in the chart packs!

BilboWaggins said...

Kits with barely enough thread used to drive me nuts when I stitched. At least if you run out of fabric when making a scrap quilt you just add another and no-one notices.

At £5 per colour you definitely need to keep them under lock & key.

Conny said...

How awful that you did have enough threads! Now I'm scared because I bought the same kit but haven't stitched it yet. Belle soie is here also very expensive, about 6,55 euro. Cheer up, your stitchingpiece looks lovely!

Brigitte said...

There are two things that I don't like about kits - sometimes not enough threads and often fabric that I don't like. It's so frustrating when you have to stop stitching because there isn't enough thread.

Redwitch said...

Not enough thread in a pack is v.frustrating. It might be worth putting a request on your blog if it ever happens again as I've seen other stitchers come to the rescue and send the missing thread if they have it in their stash.

Belle Soie is lovely to stitch with but expensive!

Love your 'Quilting' finish too :)

Angela P said...

I don't like to buy these thread pack charts for the same reason, there is never enough thread with them for me and they are too expensive for what you get. It does look lovely though :) I love the silk floss but agree it is very expensive here in Canada too!

drea_dear said...

Soooo frustrating. I hate it when it's MY calculating error, but when it's a thread pack? Grrrrr. Enjoy your new stash when it arrives, and definitely make sure you know where it is at all times! Not sure what 5 pounds translates to in US dollars, but that sounds like a LOT!