Tuesday, 25 August 2009


Thought I'd share two conversations I've had with the 2 male members of my family/household in the last 48 hours regarding washing.

Sunday evening Husband is collecting together his ironing, whilst I'm doing something on the computer:

Husband: Have you washed my shirt?
Me: Which one?
Husband: The light blue one.
Me: Yes ...................... pause and then think
Me: When did you last wear it?
Husband: Wednesday.
Me: No. I usually wash light blue stuff on a Monday/Tuesday with the towels.
Husband: I didn't know you were that organised.

Now I know he pays no attention at all to what I do. For years now he has been emptying the washing machine and putting the tumble dryer on overnight. Has he never noticed that because between them he and my two children have very little other than black clothes I rarely do a mixed/coloured wash!! I reckon I do 2 dark washes to every white or mixed coloured wash and that includes bedding.

P.S. I refused to iron his shirts long before he moved in as he's so fussy about them. I could iron my late Husband's shirts well enough for the Royal Air Force but apparently not well enough my for current Husband.

Earlier this evening I realise I haven't done any of Son's shirts for work over the last few days and he's at work tomorrow.

Son is a shift manager at MacDonalds which means he gets to wear a white poly-cotton shirt that generally gets covered in tomato stains, grease and black stuff from the grills (I think). As they are poly-cotton I can't wash them on a hot wash, so I have to treat the various stains overnight, before they go in the wash. He has four of them and I try to wash them in batches of three, which usually allows me to stay well ahead of his shift pattern. The trouble is he's just about to do the 5th day in a row and I forgot to sort any out last night.

Me: Dashing into his bedroom and desperately hoping that he has a shirt in his wardrobe. There is after all only one in the washing basket.

Son: I used the last shirt this morning.
Me: Well there is only one in the washing basket.
Son: They're on my floor.
Son's Friend: It's such a tip on your floor, how's your Mum meant to see them?

Thank goodness for tumble dryers as at least I can wash and dry his shirts in time, but I love the fact that it wasn't the fact he hadn't put his dirty clothes in the washing basket that Son's friend commented on, but rather the fact I couldn't see them on his bedroom floor.


Cindy said...

Too funny :) We usually do a pretty good job with laundry here, but this reminds me of something that happened when I had a young visitor earlier this summer. A couple of days into the visit, she announced that she didn't have any clean undies and asked if I had done laundry. Turns out we had only packed two pairs plus the one we had on...for a week trip...LOL! We learned a good life lesson that day...undies don't take up much room in the suitcase, and you should always pack enough for the number of days you'll be gone plus one or two :)

Always smiling said...

Hi Angela

As a Mum with three sons and my ex and a daughter who loved frilly blouses ironing was a dirty word!! However I used to get up early sunday mornings and do it all ready for monday mornings... then as soon as they were all tall enough to reach the ironing board they all did it themselves. And now?? I married a wonderful man who is happy to do the dreaded *******!!
And you've won my PIF so expect something made by me in the hext 12months!
Chris x

drea_dear said...

My husband worked for 6.5 years for a company where he had a uniform, and just when I would get into a good rotation where is uniform was always ready to go, his shift would change. As he's working 500 miles away right now, I don't have his laundry to worry about on a daily basis, but when he comes home, it throws me off! LOL I also loved your son's friend's response!

Karan said...

Wow, that post gave me deja vu big time! LOL Think it's something to do with male genetics. ;0)