Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Green Shoots of Recovery

Since getting back from the Lakes I have hardly had any stitching time at all. I have a long list of jobs that I'm slowly getting through, but as fast as I do one another two or three seem to get added to the list.

Whilst out flyering for Husband last week I got the opportunity to do some delivery work for someone else and as they were going to pay me and let me drop off flyers for Husband at the same time I took the job. Getting paid for doing something I was going to do anyway was too good an offer to turn down! Over the last two days I have therefore delivered booklets and flyers to over 750 houses and I have just been too tired to do any stitching in the evening. Today is Son's 20th birthday which means there are no longer any teenagers in our house, where did the time go! To celebrate I am having the day off from flyering, but tomorrow I will be back at it as I still have another 390 booklets to drop off. It has turned out to be a good move for Husband. If I hadn't agreed to drop off the booklets I wouldn't have been flyering the area of town I did for another couple of weeks and he has already taken two phone calls from people wanting websites.

The quiz league season is also about to start and so last Saturday was spent setting the first quiz of the season. We have known we had a contract for one league for some time but this week we picked up another league contract and a local pub also wants us to start supplying them with a weekly quiz. All of a sudden I have not one but three quizzes to set a week.

All I can say is if this household is anything to go by it would appear that the recession is coming to an end and the green shoots of recovery are definitely in evidence.


Jennifer said...

so glad you are doing well!


BilboWaggins said...

Wonderful to hear you've turned a corner, so to speak.

Angela P said...

Hi Angela,
I have decided to include you in my ornament swap this year :) I thought I had your email but can't find it now, can you email me at


mainely stitching said...

Here's to the green shoots of recovery, Angela!!!!!

Karan said...

So hope these are the first few shoots that will lead to a blooming garden full for you both. :0)
Belated Happy Birthday wishes to your DS - hope he had a lovely day. :0)