Wednesday, 16 September 2009

RAK for Jennifer

We are just back from the Lakes after 5 great days away. We went away a day late when we were confident Daughter was OK, knowing that Son was on hand in case she did get ill again. I rang her on Monday and got no reply so I knew then she was definitely OK. Having walked in the door and just seen her I can indeed confirm she looks the picture of health again.

Not too long ago I was looking at the Gazettte 94 blog and spotted a delightful free design for a lighthouse. Straight away I thought about Sweet Pea and knew I had to stitch it for her. Jennifer has now let me know that it has arrived so I can show you what I stitched for her.

Designer: Gazette 94

Design: Grille Gratuite 87

Fabric: 28ct Brittney linen Shade - Iced Blue

Backing Fabric: Coast - Seagulls

Threads: DMC

I decided to finish it as a pincushion. I found the finish I used quite fiddly as I had to hand stitch rather than machine sew it. I also had a go at making some cord to edge the piece with, another first for me. I have to say Husband Son and Daughter came in very useful here as it took several goes and each of them ended up holding the threads at one end whilst I twisted at the other. I hope Jennifer will forgive me for the imperfections in the finishing.

I backed the pin cushion with the seagull fabric you can see under the pin cushion.


Deb said...

I see no imperfections in your piece at all. It looks wonderful! Your comment about finishing the cord and needing assistance made me smile. I had never made cording until a couple months ago and I had to get everyone involved because I have having a dickens of a time. But I learned, and you probably did too. That's one good thing about trying something, we eventually get better and better at it!

BilboWaggins said...

Imperfections in your finishing? Oh for goodness sake {{{giggle}}}, you need new glasses if you think your finishing lacks, er, well - finish!

Having been the very lucky recipient of one of your RAK's, I can only say that Jennifer is a very lucky lady.

Jennifer said...

So glad to hear that your daughter is doing better.
What a nice finish to the lighthouse design. I especially like your choice of backing fabric. I love that website and print out all their freebies

Jade said...

I think it looks smashing, and I love your choice of fabric too. Wish I was so "imperfect" with my stitching.

Karan said...

Wow, I wouldn't mind my pieces being as "imperfect" as that - stunning! One very lucky recipient. :0)
Glad to hear your DD is back to full health again.

Andrea said...

A lovely pincushion. Glad to hear DD has regained her good health again.

Brigitte said...

Oh Angela, what a lovely pincushion you made for Jennifer. The motif is just adorable and I love the fabric you used for the backing. Just gorgeous. And I think the finihsing is really perfect.

drea_dear said...

Beautiful finish. I also look at patterns sometimes and get a feeling that they "belong" to someone I've met in blogland.

For next time you make cording, try knotting the threads at one end and using a large safety pin to attach it to the ironing board (or something else sturdy and pin-able). That way you can put the proper amount of tension on the cord without needing another person. I also use a second safety pin as a weight in the center so that when I let the cord twist on itself, it twists smoothly. I love being able to make my own cording, because I have very few craft-friendly stores in my area, and they NEVER have the color combo I want. :)

The Sampler Girl said...

That is so pretty!!!