Tuesday, 1 September 2009

The Expensive Thread Arrived.

Last week saw three shopping sprees which added to my stash haul.

Firstly I had an order arrive from Sew & So which was less than 36 hours from being placed to arriving. I also managed to break my daylight bulb so as I was out walking in that area I headed to Bakewell and Wye Needlecraft. For the first time in about a year they actually had the bulb I needed in stock so I went mad and bought two. I also picked up a piece of hand dyed fabric which I just couldn't resist.

The rest of the picture is my Sew & So order. Elisa had recently bought some Floss-A-Way bags from there and with the Belle Soie thread being so expensive I thought they would be ideal for keeping it safe and clean. I especially wanted to keep the red thread separate from the rest of my threads as when I was using it I noticed it bleeding into the white. The rest of the order will be used for stitching family Christmas cards.

On Saturday the Belle Soie silks and the fabric I ordered to justify the postage arrived. I have to say the fabric is gorgeous.
]This afternoon will be spent finishing my Mums birthday present then I will take it to the framers and hope that it will be done in time for her birthday.

There hasn't been much sewing over the last week as I've been busy working on my walking website, along with planning and writing up walks. Last week I was asked to contribute walks to a second local magazine, which is great news, but meant I needed to sit down and work out what walks I was doing when. It might sound daft but I spent a good few hours planning which walks I would be doing for not only the 2010 editions but also some of the 2011 editions. For some of the walks I need to take the photos nearly a year in advance in order to meet printing deadlines e.g. I can't take pictures of snowdrops in December 2010 to meet the January 2011 deadline for the Feb/March 2011 edition.

I have also more or less decided to set up my own business, which is going to take some planning and preparation. As the business revolves around walking the first task is for me to get much fitter. The second is getting my website converted to php and some new sections developed. On top of that I also need to acquire some qualifications, more for insurance purposes than anything, but they will require time commitments as well.

As if that's not enough I have also got some ideas for designing my own cross stitch charts and want to get some of them down on paper and stitched up. Not sure if this will come to anything but I did come up with a name. What do you think of 'Titch Stitches'. No prizes for guessing how tall I am or what I was called at school.

I think I need the days to get much longer!!


drea_dear said...

You are about to get very busy! I LOVE the justification fabric, so pretty. It would be just my mom's taste for a finish. Especially the leaf one.

Congrats on venturing on your own. I think many of us chart our own things, but are afraid to offer them because we don't know if people will like them. One comment on your potential name - I like the sound of Titch's Stitches, but as a consumer in the US, I don't know what Titch means! LOL So I think some of the "meaning" would be lost. I like using something from your blog name, to tie the person we've come to know with the future chart designer. Just a thought. :)

Lindsay said...

Nice stash.

You don't order to jusitfy the postage, you order extra so they can keep each other company on the trip to you :)

Lisa said...

MMmm, some nice new stash, very lovely!

Deb said...

Great new stash - I really love those fabrics. My head is spinning with all your endeavors - the walking, etc. Wish you much luck with starting a designing business!!

Karan said...

Lovely new stash hauls there. Looks & sounds like you're going to be very busy. Good Luck with both new ventures, am sure you'll do well. :0)