Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Away from Stitching

Although I have been able to pick my needle and thread up for the first time in ages I have also found time to do a few other things as well.

The other half and I have enjoyed a great walk along Derwent Edge, we were lucky enough to enjoy  a great day weather-wise and I took far too many photographs, but as I'm meant to be starting a landscape and food photography business that's no bad thing.

Ladybower from Whinstone Lee Tor

The Wheel Stones

The Salt Cellar

Ladybower from Pike Low

Although it appears that the business is going no-where just yet I have started researching shots and I'm currently busy starting to work on my portfolio for the food side of the business. This involves me acquiring some new Photoshop skills so time is also being invested in an online course.

We have also relaunched my Peak Walker website so it is now responsive and I'm currently trawling through the 382 walks trying to spot errors. I'm also considering rewording many of the walks to make them more SEO friendly so the website goes up the rankings. Anything to help build my profile.

I'm also starting to look into how I want to sell my images and should soon have a selection of cards that people can buy.

Lots of planning at this stage but hopefully it will soon be producing some results.


Robin in Virginia said...

Your photos are stunning. Congratulations on your finish in the previous post!

Clare - Aimetu said...

Lovely images, good luck with your plans