Friday, 1 August 2008


I have managed a few hours of stitching on Love Songs over the last few days and made some progress with the white keys on the piano.

I'm not sure if I need a stronger bulb in my magnifying lamp, it's only 20 watts, or if it's just working with lighter colours but I have found it more difficult to see to sew these stitches at night. A bit worrying if it isn't the bulb as there is an awful lot of lighter colours in this piece. I'm hoping to buy a stronger bulb later today.

I have also made some progress with my website and got the walks from our last trip to the Lakes posted.

Wednesday saw me out walking again this time on Win Hill, then along Hope Brink to Hope Cross and returning via Ladybower. I was lucky enough to get the top of Win Hill to myself and I only met a few people along Hope Brink (above). For once the weathermen had it correct and it was cloudy to start with but by the time I was walking alongside Ladybower (below) the sun was out, along with the crowds.

Once again the walk had no effect on my ankle so it looks like I can get back into longer walks over the next few weeks. Just as well as I'm joining a friend on her ascent of Scafell Pike at the start of September. On the down side I now have 4 walks to get posted over the weekend.

Elsewhere on the fitness front the gym is having no effect on my ankle and when I went swimming yesterday morning it felt more like runny syrup than treacle so that's better.

Thanks to all who have posted comments over the last week. Nice to know someone is reading my blog.


Karan said...

Great progress on LS. I use one of those blue daylight bulbs in an anglepoise lamp - it does make a difference, especially in winter.
Had quite a few nice walks around Ladybower & the other dams when DS was younger - lovely area. :0)

Valerie said...

I have had the Love Songs pattern for years & it is so nice to see someone stitching it. You're doing a lovely job and I can't wait to watch it grow!!