Monday, 1 September 2008

JA Monthly Challenge & Love Songs

With 16 days of watching the Olympics and a few days off for depression it will be no surprise that I didn't get the JA Monthly Challenge finished. I completed the stitching on Friday but I haven't yet had a chance to make it into the planned pin keep. I need to get to the local fabric shop and buy some material for the backing, a job I plan on doing later today. As the reveal day was Saturday I haven't posted any pictures of my progress but here it is below.

Day One - 5th August

Border Detail - 5th August

Day Two - 26th August

Letter Detail - 26th August

Hearts Detail - 26th August

Day Three - 27th August

Day Four - 29th August

Bird Detail - 29th August

As you can see it actually stitched up relatively quickly and if I hadn't got side-tracked I'd have easily have completed the whole thing. I'm hoping to make-up the pin-keep later this week.

On Friday I started on Love Songs again but ended up unpicking everything I did. It was just one of those times. I sat down to stitch for an hour before The Tudors and ended up knocking over a drink, getting knots in my thread and then just as I thought I'd finish for the evening I found a second knot at the back of my work. To get rid of it I ended up taking out everything I'd already stitched. Thankfully Saturday and Sunday were more successful and I'll soon have finished the bottom part of the piano.

Sunday had been set aside to do the Jayne's Attic Good Friends Count SAL but the first set of instructions never arrived and I'm still trying to find out what happened to them.

Today is the start of the Celtic Lady SAL so I'm definitely going to be working on that as I've been itching to start her. However I shall be good and go to the gym first as my fitness has suffered enough during the last few weeks. Thankfully as the scales proved I haven't actually gained any weight, instead I've just lost muscle tone, which is why I have felt so fat lately. Yesterday's trip to the gym also showed that, whilst I have lost some of my fitness, I'm not back to where I started from in July, which is good. Even better the rest has allowed my ankle to recover properly. Now if only the forecast would improve I might make it up Scafell Pike on Saturday.


Karan said...

Challenge piece looks great - unfortunately I didn't get that far & had to drop out. :0(
Know all about those kinds of stitching days - hope things have improved now. LS is looking great.
Haven't had my instructions for the Friends SAL either. Doesn't look like Jayne's been on the forum all weekend so I'm guessing there's a problem.
Hope you managed the walk. :))

Stitchingranny said...

Unfortunately I just have not had the time to do the challenge this month but the colours you have used in yours look stunning.

Im not doing the SAL but no one seems to have received their pink parcels for monthly club threads so maybe Jayne is not well.

Redwitch said...

Lovely stitching! You did great, hope your next stitching session is free of knots :)

(On my blog you asked where I got the LHN Little Women thread packs. I am on an 'automatic' for them with Mary Kathryn of Handcrafts Online She is lovely and her postage is very reasonable, she's USA. In the UK I've seen LHN charts at Thread Bear, but they might not have these yet.)

Julie said...

Your challenge piece looks lovely, beautful bright colours you used.

Sally said...

I really like your challenge piece Angela. Love the colours you've used. I didn't get around to this one; first one I haven't managed since the challenge began but I still want to stitch it.