Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Top Notch Service

I wasn't going to post today, as the only stitching I did yesterday was the back stitch on the piano of Love Songs, but the postman brought me goodies.

My orders from Country Designs and Thread Bear turned up today. I only placed the order with Country Designs (CD) yesterday afternoon so that really is excellent service.

I ended up ordering some Christmas Red Aida along with the Beatrix Potter chart and now I've seen it I'm so glad I did. I can definitely imagine one or two of my Christmas Cards being sewn on it instead of the green linen I'd bought for them. I also have a £5:00 voucher to spend at CD which will probably go towards a Lavender & Lace or Mirabella chart. I can't use it for the DMC threads, which it looks like I'll need more of for Love Songs. I may well order them from CD anyway as going to Bakewell just for threads is a ridiculous expense. I love the fact Thread Bear send their parcels wrapped in tissue paper and ribbon, which I then keep and add to my stash, it feels like I'm getting a free gift

Fitness wise, I've made my minimum two trips to the gym already this week and this morning I was back in the pool and quite surprised myself by managing 60 lengths after 3 weeks off. Even better I'm just back from one of my 6 monthly appointments at the doctors and I've lost weight since my last visit, not much, but some, which is nice.

Thanks for all the lovely comments on my recent posts.


Anonymous said...

Oh not heard of CD before,oh to have a lookies, What a great stash haul!!

Redwitch said...

Lovely stash, not heard of CD before either.

Congrats on your fitness activities, I wish I could be as good as you :)

Anonymous said...

Great stash! I'm quite surprised you got aida. A lot of ladies who use linen or other evenweaves just refuse to ever use aida again. BTW, I'm an aida stitcher through and through :o)))

Elisa said...

Some lovely stash there, enjoy it!!

Well done on your fitness and health...keep on running!!

Karan said...

Nice stash haul! :0)
Haven't ordered from CD in ages - I always found them to be prompt/efficient, so it's good to know they haven't changed. :0)
I love Thread Bear too.
Well done with the swimming & weight loss. :0)