Friday, 12 September 2008

Where Has The Week Gone?

Firstly a big thank you to everyone who posted a congrats on the new job.

I've survived the first week at work which in actual fact was 3 days, or more accurately 3 afternoons. I have some idea of what I'm meant to be doing but I'm constantly getting lost using the computer systems I need to use. Thankfully the girl who is currently doing the job doesn't leave until next Thursday so I have a few more days of her rescuing me before I have to survive on my own. Needless to say it is very strange having to go to work after nearly 3 years of not doing so, which followed on from 2 years of working for myself. As my hours are 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm it also cuts right into the day and I seem to have got very little done at home. Did anyone besides me notice the difference I wonder!!

Last weekend was spent in the Lake District visiting friends, family and walking. We should have been camping but with the terrible forecast we abandoned camping in favour of a B & B. We only managed one walk, but as it was one that has been on my to do list for a long time it was great to do it.

For over two years now I have wanted to walk up the nose of Fleetwith Pike (above) and on Monday that's how we started out 7 mile walk that took in Haystacks as well. We didn't leave the pub in Buttermere until 6:30 pm and finally got home shortly after 10:15 pm.

Naturally neither child was in the house, although the evidence of the party they didn't have was. It was just as well it was re-cycling the next day as the glass container was already full, but they didn't have a party!!!

Although they had made some attempt at tidying up there was still plenty for me to do.

Why is it teenagers:

Can fill & run the dishwasher but not empty it.
Fill the bin to almost overflowing but not empty it.
Pile the recycling by the door but not actually take it outside.
Walk past the milk that has been delivered but not bring it inside.
Bring games consoles, DVD's etc downstairs but not take them upstairs again.

I could go on but I'm sure you get the idea.

Anyone with teenagers old enough for parties etc can probably add to it. Or maybe I'm just a complete failure as a parent. Although the conversation I had with my sister and her friends on Sunday night would suggest this is just normal behaviour.

So not only have I started work but I've been trying (and failing) to get my house back into some sort of order. This week I've also had to meet a deadline for a magazine I write walks for and attend a committee meeting for the Quiz League. Needless to say there has been very little time for sewing.

However yesterday I did spend a couple of hours on Love Songs. I also did some stitching on it last week so there is an update below.

Sadly I haven't yet started the JA Sal 'Good Friends Count' or the JA Monthly Finishing Challenge. I'm unlikely to get the second done now but I must get on with the SAL as I'm now two weeks behind.

I have also had two of the Little Women charts that I ordered come today.

I've only posted a picture of one, 'Reading' as the other is planned as a present for someone that I know reads my blog and I don't want to spoil the surprise.

Like plenty of others I have signed onto the Me Myself and I Round Robin and finally decided what type of neighbourhood I'm going to do. For anyone who knows me it won't be a surprise that I've decided on a Lake District village now I just have to design it.

Working has one big advantage, money. I decided after one week (yes I know its only a few hours ) I deserved a reward. I gave into temptation and ordered two My Big Toe Design charts from Jaynes Attic. I have been resisting them since she first posted but today I crumbled and ordered the Quaker Seasons and the Give Me the Cookie charts.

The one major disadvantage of this job is that if I want to get fitter I now have to get up earlier as the only time I can realistically get to the gym or into the pool is first thing in the morning i.e. by 7:30 a.m. So far I have been good and made it to both the gym and into the pool but next week will be the real test.

I'm hoping for a quiet wekend with plenty of time for sewing, gardening and maybe even some walking but first I'd better clean the house before someone does notice it's a tip.


Anonymous said...

With my eldest being 11yo I have yet to enjoy the delights of teenagers,Oh Joy!
Love songs looks lovely who is the designer?
I hope you manage a quiet weekend!

Anonymous said...

I have quite a way to go before my lad reaches those teenage years, but from what I hear, your household sounds pretty normal :o)

You'll soon get into your new routine I'm sure. It is hard work fitting everything in, I know! Good luck with getting yours sorted out.

Sally said...

Love Songs is coming along well Angela.

I haven't started the JA challenge yet. Good job there's a couple more weeks left in the month!

I've joined the MM&I SAL too. I'm really looking forward to it but a bit unsure how I'll do with the planning!

BilboWaggins said...

Welcome back! I know what you mean about afternoon hours cutting completely into the day - like working split shifts. Haven't forgotten about the photos you wanted, will email soon. Bilbo

Stitchingranny said...

Oh I remember it well LOL. The first time we went away there was a party and a cigrette burn in my new sofa - I think the horror of having to admit what had happened had them so scared they never ever had another one. I was heartbroken at the time but life goes on and they both grew up into rather nice adults.

Karan said...

Oooo been there, done that & got the grey hairs to prove it! LOL They do get marginally better when they hit their 20's - but it is only marginal. ;0)
Nice stash & Love Songs is looking good.
Glad the first week went well. :0)

Dreadnought said...

I think they should employ kids to manage landfill sites because the amount of rubbish they can cram in to a rubbish bin is amazing. Bob.