Monday, 15 September 2008


So I was hoping for a weekend that involved a bit of sewing, gardening or even walking, instead I got a weekend with some sort of 24 hour bug and none of the above.

When I was swimming on Friday I thought it seemed much harder work than usual but put it down to being tired from not sleeping well. Saturday morning at the gym I thought I was starting with a cold as my chest felt tight and I was coughing a lot. By the time we were coming out of town after doing some shopping I was starting to feel more like collapsing than walking. By Saturday evening I was moaning about being cold despite being under a blanket on the settee and we had the heating on for an hour to warm me up. By Sunday evening I felt fine but I'd done very little of what I wanted to do over the weekend. What I had got done was some housework but no sewing, gardening or walking.

On a positive note I have made a small bit of progress with the planning of my neighbourhood. Friends who live in the Lake District have been kind enough to send me a picture of their cottage so as that I can use it in my neighbourhood. They have actually sent me several pictures so first of all I have to decide which to use and then convert it into a pattern I can stitch. It has also occurred to me that, unlike most things that I stitch, I'm going to want to keep this piece so I need to decide where it is going to live once it is finished, as that will determine its finished size and shape. I've also been thinking about the border, should it contain the name of my favourite fells, the names of the lakes, or the names of the villages in the Lake District. I think I'll know which of those it will be once I've got a better idea of the overall design in my head.

Seeing as it's Monday I'm off to spend a couple of hours working on Celtic Autumn before I go to work.


Anonymous said...

Glad you're feeling better now. These things always seem to hit at weekends and mess up your free time don't they. Grrr.


Anonymous said...

Oh Sorry to hear you haven't been well!!I hope you feel better soon.
I love your Idea for your MM&I rr,I am just doing english cottages,I have some designs by Mary Hickmott and some from magazines

Karan said...

Sorry your weekend didn't go as planned - hope you're feeling much better by now.
Love the sound of your NRR. Still trying to resist signing up but the blackwork houses idea keeps haunting me. LOL

"Magnolia" said...

Glad you're feeling better! Can't wait to see what you design using your inspiration houses!

Elisa said...

Sorry to hear you had a poorly weekend, there is alot about at the moment.

Good luck on your "Neighborhood" planning, I did consider it, but decided to join the BP SAL instead!!

Stitchingranny said...

Sorry youve not been feeling well but every cloud has a silver lining and it certainly sounds like your village is taking shape

Dreadnought said...

Glad to see that you got over your bug okay, shame you didn't manage to get some walking in though. Bob.