Thursday, 23 October 2008

How Not to End a Holiday

Husband and I had a long weekend in the Lakes starting on Saturday and returning on the Tuesday. Despite all the rain and wind that was about we managed to fit in 4 walks that were predominately done in the dry. Enjoyed 3 great meals out with excellent company on the Sunday night and a great night at the theatre on Monday night.

The drive back was good with no delays on the M6 and so at just gone 6:00 pm I was driving out of Stoke towards Derby when my mobile rang. Husband answered it find Daughter in tears on the other end as one of her friends from uni had died earlier that day. I felt so sick not only because I couldn't comfort my daughter but also for the lad's parents whom only a few weeks ago dropped their son off at uni for his final year to have him tragically die in what at this moment appears to be a side-effect of a broken leg. Needless to say I had very little sleep that night worrying about my daughter and also feeling so sorry for her friend's family.

The next day Husband dropped his car of for an MOT (which it passed) walked into work only to walk out again 15 minutes later minus a job. Claiming a need to cut costs, Husband was 'let go' with one week's pay, very conveniently a week before he would have been employed there for a year and so have more rights than he does this week. Sadly despite the fact the company (and I am finding it very difficult here to not swear) has a long history of doing this and even worse the law allows them to do it, he can do nothing about what is in effect a case of unfair dismissal. The opinion of the lawyer we spoke to today, not mine. It should be noted here that the Managing Directors/owners of the company can still afford to buy second Ferrari's and second homes in the Lakes, take the senior management on jollies to London, amongst other things and only a couple of weeks ago were telling everyone how business was booming for them despite the looming recession. Any thoughts in my head about them at the moment are completely uncharitable and involve every unpleasant event that could occur to them occurring. Needless to say I had even less sleep last night than I did the night before.

Trying to stay cheerful, at least Husband's website design business is picking up orders and he has put in for 3 jobs already and is very hopeful, after speaking to the agency of an interview for at least one of them.

Strangely I haven't felt much like sewing and even less like sorting out the pictures for my website. When my head stops spinning hopefully I will be able to settle down to doing some of the things I enjoy. At least my stash means my sewing will remain free for some time to come.


Stitchingranny said...

Oh Angela how awful - when it hits the fan its always in a gale as they say.

I do hope hubby gets his business off the ground soon.

So sorry about your daughters friend nothing worse than hearing about a young death.

Redwitch said...

Really sorry to hear about the sudden loss of your daughters friend. Last year a student in the law school I work in, died in a car accident, so tragic when they are so full of promise and the joys of life.

Also sad to hear about your husbands job, have you investigated the Employment Tribunals page, they have a phone line:

I wonder if your hubby can get hold of previous colleagues, if they have a history of dismissing people like this, they could take out a group action?

Hang in there!

Sally said...

Angela I am so sorry to hear about your daughter's friend. It's always so hard to come to terms with when it happens at a young age.

Don't get me started about these fat cats who spend spend spend yet have to let employees go. It annoys me so much the way this country is in that respect. I hope your husband gets his business going.

Karan said...

Have noticed that when life decides to chuck a wobbler at you it always does it big time, leaving you reeling. So sorry for all your troubles - will send lots of positive thoughts & energy your way (((((((((hugs))))))))).
As for those bosses: what goes around comes around.

BilboWaggins said...

Angela, so very sorry to read today's entry. Disgusting that husband's company can do this even when we have some of the best employment laws in Europe. Know I am thinking of you, Bilbo, xxx

Hazel said...

Oh dear how awful for you. Hope things improve for your family soon. x