Thursday, 16 October 2008

Lists & Christmas

I have always been a bit of a list maker, usually of jobs to do but they do come in other forms as well. I have some lists that I keep permanently on my computer which I print off as and when they are needed:

1. A list for all the items we need when we go camping.
2. A list of everything we need when we go on a walking holiday that isn't in a tent.
3. A list of everything I need to buy for Christmas.
4. A list of possible birthday/Christmas presents for me.
5. A list of everyone to whom we send Christmas cards, with addresses. Very useful when you can't remember what someones child is called and haven't got the card of them yet.

It is of course that time of year when (well mine does) thoughts turn to Christmas. I start to prepare for Christmas once Son's birthday is over. Remember I hate shopping and it is always my mission to have all my Christmas shopping done by the first week of December. My sister-in-law isn't a list maker and Christmas always seems to be a big surprise to her and she ends up shopping for everything in December and then she wonders why she hates Christmas!! A few years ago, because she doesn't like driving into Derby, I took her in to finish her Christmas Shopping in the last few days before Christmas. It was manic, she couldn't get what she wanted and the shops were full to over-flowing, never, ever, again, in this lifetime will I be repeating that experience.

After 20 odd years of organising Christmas I know what food to buy so if it's on offer in Sainsburys and preservable it gets bought and stored away for the big event. Last week it was the Quality Street (reduced), the week before Terry's Chocolate Orange (3 for 2), one each for the kids and one for me when I'm wrapping presents. I reckon I save a fortune just by looking out for the various items early and only buying them when they are reduced. Mind maybe my Christmas list making does have one downside as both Son and Daughter have for a long time when opening their presents in the morning gone through them putting aside the items they know appear each year in favour of the ones they can't account for. Also if any item doesn't appear it is likely to be noticed. They are 20 and 19 and will still moan if a tub of Haribo doesn't appear but I am hopeful that this year I might be able to stop buying them selection boxes.

The one problem with making lists of jobs to do is that invariably they get half done but then new jobs come along so you either end up with two lists or making a new one. This at times can get disheartening because you don't get the delightful feeling of completing the list. Anyway this week I came up with a solution which I am amazed it has taken me so long to think of. I now have a To Do list on a spreadsheet on my computer. By using strikethrough I can still look at the list and see the jobs being completed, add new jobs as and when they need adding and if its one of those jobs that needs repeating remove the strikethrough. As my computer is on all day it's great for when your doing something and remember that job you have been meaning to do for ages and keep forgetting about, a quick entry on the computer and the job isn't forgotten. Mind maybe it's sad that one of the jobs on this list is to update my Christmas List but there again as everyone knows I make lists they always start asking around now what I want for Christmas so maybe I'd better get it done.

A sewing update will follow. I plan on watching the Olympic Parade either with my sewing or if I'm feeling good I'll do the ironing first, cross it off the list and do some sewing this afternoon.

Must remember to print out the walking list as we are heading to the Lakes again this weekend!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I love making lists but then I lose them or they just get forgotten :0(
Oh Derby last year was horrible with the new Westfield opening I stayed away!!

Hazel said...

I think you should give us top 20 tips on how to make getting through the season easier!! I like your tips about buying the terrys choc orange for the stockings etc. x

Sally said...

I'm a list maker too or I'd end up forgetting half the things I wanted! I like to well prepared for Christmas too so am like you and if I see offers on non perishable stuff I buy it.

Jennifer said...

I am a listmaker too! And I love using Excel spreadsheets. I have a massive one to keep everything for our wedding organized, and it worked like a charm. I also keep our Christmas Card lists in an excel spreadsheet and have a tab for each year so I can carry over the previous year's list and make additions and subtractions as necessary.

Elisa said...

I really must get back to making lists...I used to do it all the time.
I am almost half way through my christmas shopping and half of that is wrapped...and half my cards are done...I love being organised then enjoying the run up to christmas is my own way not fighting in the shops...

Stitchingranny said...

I too am a compulsive list maker, for a start I think the minute you write something down you are far less likely to forget it.

If you write a shopping list and then forget to take it chances are you will buy everything on it because its been written down in the first place.

As for Christmas I hate both Derby and Nottingham in December so the quicker the shopping gets done the better.

Oh and Haribo tubs were half price in Asda the other day.