Friday, 31 October 2008

A Reading Catch-Up

Whilst we were away in the Lakes I got into the Ruth Rendell Wexford story 'Not In The Flesh' and as usual it became a page-turner and was finished shortly after we returned from the Lakes. I have to say I was a little disappointed in the book, I've not watched the series on TV so I didn't come to the book with any pre-conceived ideas but somehow the characters seemed too weak. Maybe the problem is that I met them when they have become well established in earlier books but should an author assume that their readers have met the characters before. There was one story line which came across as little more than the author using the book as a means of expressing an opinion about female circumcision which whilst I agree with the views expressed contributed nothing to the main storyline. I also found it very difficult to believe the main character was a top detective when I'd worked out many chapters before him what had happened. This is something Husband goes mad about me doing when we are watching films etc but it's very rare for me to do it in a book. An interesting read but I don't think I'll be buying another Ruth Rendell in a while, there are far better crime writers out there, in my opinion.

Some while back Karen offered a book she had just finished 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time' free to a good home with one condition that the new owner promised to register their ownership with the Book Crossing website and then launch the book into the open for a new owner to find. I have done the first part but the launch into the open will be delayed as I promised to launch it in Cumbria which will be done on my next trip north.

As with most books that I read this turned out to be a bit of a page turner that has a great storyline which proves that children's books shouldn't be ignored by adults. The story is told by the main character Christoper who has Asperger's Syndrome which leaves you with a greater understanding of how other's who are different view the world. Don't make the mistake of thinking the book is using Asperger's Syndrome to make you sympathetic towards the lead character, it isn't and in my opinion would be a great read even if Christopher was 'ordinary'.

I have just raided Daughter's room and picked up The Regeneration Trilogy by Pat Barker, one of the books I had to buy her when she was studying for her English Lit A Level. It is a thick book think Lord of the Rings and you'll not be far off, so I don't think this will be a quick read, but you never know.


Anonymous said...

I will keep an eye out for the book you mentioned as I have recently been told my son may have aspergers. I haven't read any Ruth Rendall but I try and get earlier books and work my way through an author if I like there books,so will take on board your comments about how weak the characters are

Karan said...

Glad you enjoyed the book & that you're also back stitching again. :0)
I do hate it when you can guess what has happened long before the book ends - much prefer to be kept wondering until the end.