Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Still Here

A very short post to say I'm still about. I was so fed up with being so far behind on the walks on my website that I promised myself I wouldn't blog until my website was up-to-date. Yesterday I finally got it up-to-date and caught up with another couple of jobs that were starting to bug me. Mind we are heading back up to the Lakes for (hopefully) 4 days of walking so I'll have to be equally as disciplined when we get back.

There hasn't been much stitching since my last stitchy post but I'm hoping to correct that later today. Husband is out tonight and I feel a stitching session coming on. First though I need to get some other jobs done so I can have a really guilt free stitching session.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your guilt free stitching!!

BilboWaggins said...

Glad you're back.

I know what you mean about ~needing~ to do some stitching. I went to one of my quilt groups tonight and I have come back desperate to get on the sewing machine, something that has not happened for at least three weeks. Regardless of how loudly the Fells or the garden calls tomorrow, guess what I'm doing?