Monday, 19 January 2009

The Beacon

Another favourite author is Susan Hill. I first read one of her stories as part of an English Literature course I was doing and have since read most of what she has written. The book, The Beacon , which is a new one by her, was one of my Christmas presents and as it is relatively short only lasted two nights.

A great story about a farming family, which switches between the present and the past whilst exploring the relationships between the various family members.

Totally unsure about the ending, in the final sentence of the book. Hill tries to make you question what you have read and what you believe is true. Sorry, but in this case it doesn't work because to believe her suggested ending every character in the book has to have been lying. A case, in my opinion, of one page too many. A real shame because otherwise this is a great book with a storyline that makes you keep on turning the pages.

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