Friday, 16 January 2009

I Knew Housework Was Bad For You

So there I was getting on with cleaning downstairs, with just the living room to vacuum, when I move in a perfectly normal way, like I've done a thousand times before and all of a sudden I'm in agony and can barely move. Yep, I've gone and aggravated an old back injury. After shouting for Husband I manage to get as far as collapsing on the settee whilst he has to turn the vac off, which I can't manage.

That's it I'm now out of action for the next few days, at the very least. I can sit and sew and move around very, very slowly. Think of a snail, then imagine it in slow motion and that's the speed I'm moving at. Husband is now in charge of the house, cooking, shopping and washing. Thank goodness I'd nearly finished cleaning the house and was up-to-date with the washing. The cooking I'm not bothered about as he enjoys it and does roughly half of it a week anyway.

On the plus side I can sew and read away to my hearts content, well I can sew for as long as I can sit upright.

The really annoying thing, is that, yet again, just as I start to get a little bit fitter something goes. Even Husband commented on it yesterday, I'm cursed. Ever since I broke my leg, nearly seven years ago now, this has kept happening. I've had a trapped nerve, arthritis, wrecked the ligaments in my ankle twice and three or four cases of aggravating my back injury. Now I wouldn't mind if I was doing something stupid to cause the injuries but I don't. I start of gently, listen to my body and build up the level of exercises slowly. In most cases the injuries don't even occur when I'm exercising but doing something normal. The first ligament injury was caused by an uneven paving slab and the second occurred when I was gardening. The arthritis comes and goes, depending upon the weather and the back invariably goes when I'm doing housework.

I wonder if I can give up housework!!!


Anonymous said...

OH NO what a pain for you!!At least you have hobbies that require sitting still!!
Hope it eases soon!!

Always smiling said...

Oh No, Poor you I hope its not too painful and you can stitch and read!
I did more stitching last summer after I had my knee op than I have done for years!

I am reading too, 'Plan B' by Emily Barr, I started it last evening and my dh said 'why are you smiling?'... my answer.. 'I am going to love this book'..... and I had only read three pages!
We're away this weekend to where I used to live in Essex so can't wait to see my friends.

Chris x

mainely stitching said...

Argh!! I feel for you!

My mom broke her leg about 5 years ago and has also had one thing after another ever since.

Take care!!!

Daffycat said...

Oooo, ouch! I hope you feel better soon.

Karan said...

Oh no, you were doing so well with the exercising too. Hope you feel much better soon.