Saturday, 17 January 2009

Far Too Many Half-Stitches

My first sewing finish of the year is done and it is also my first square for SOLAK.
SOLAK is a group which makes quilts and cushions for people with a long-term illness.
I have been sewing the February Hearts Snowman as part of a SAL and it has taken a lot longer than I expected. When I started I expected it to take a week at the most, in fact it has taken a fortnight and it is only done now because I haven't been able to do anything for the last three days accept sew.

Vermillion Stitchery

February Hearts Snowman

16 count white aida with DMC threads

Now that it's finished I'm very pleased with it but oh boy did it have a lot of half-stitches. To start with everyone of the hearts on the hat is made up of 4 half stitches and there are numerous others in the design. As I opted to stitch it on 16 count aida at times it was a struggle to keep all the half-stitches going in the right direction.

Despite all the half-stitches I have quite enjoyed doing it and I've just signed up to do the September Football Snowman as well. Mind I had a good luck at the pattern first and made sure there weren't quite as many colour changes or half-stitches as there were in the Hearts Snowman.

Before I start the next snowman I'm going to spend some time working on some other projects the first of which will be Celtic Autumn.

Thanks to everybody for your kind words about my back, it is getting better very slowly and housework is still something I can't do which as you might imagine doesn't upset me too much.


Daffycat said...

Lovely snowman! Those hearts may have been a pain but the result is beautiful!

Hazel said...

It looks fab! Your SOLAK group reminds me of the Love Quilts square I did - and now I do feel guilty for not doing another. xx

Brigitte said...

Angela, this little snowman is such a beautiful guy! I can imagine how difficult it must have been on times to stitch all the 1/4 stitches on aida but when you look at him you see that it was worth it.
Hvae fun stitching on Celtic Autumn. And hopefully you will be much better very soon.

Cindy B said...

Your snowman is very pretty.You did a great job.

Sally said...

Your snowman is so cute Angela!

I hope your back is easier now.

Karan said...

Gorgeous snowman - well worth the half stitch hassle.
Reckon I'd be just as gutted about not being able to do housework too. ;0)

SBL said...

Snowman looks very nice! Really you did a great job! Thanks for sharing!!

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