Friday, 2 January 2009

A New Start for 2009

Well I knew I wouldn't be able to resist starting St Petersburg once I had it, but oh what have I let myself in for!!!!!!!

Here are the first few stitches which involve 5 different shades of blue. It is stitched using one thread on 36 count linen and these few stitches took me well over an hour to do and meant the dinner got (slightly) burnt!!

One thing is for sure I had no idea what I was letting myself in for when I asked for this kit, the material alone is 90 cm by 70 cm and takes up half of the space on our dining room table which is large by most peoples standards.

I'm going to have to find some way of working with this large amount of material. Any suggestions anyone? It certainly won't fit onto my roller frame!!

The one thing I'm not too happy about is the way the silks arrived. At first glance they appear to already be threaded onto the cards until you realise they are all secured at the bottom with tape and once you have cut this to get at the first thread you find out they aren't permanently attached to the cards so you need to secure them all in place before they come off. If they do come off, before you do this, your in trouble as there are no DMC numbers, just the icons used in the chart.

I'm glad I didn't plan on finishing it this year, I think that could be beyond me.


Daffycat said...

Angela, you can use tension clips like they sell in office supply stores to clip the fabric together to keep it out of your way. I stitch in hand so I have no advice other than what I've seen others do!

As for those could use a system similar to mine; see my New Years' Day post...just write the symbol instead of the DMC number on the bag. I find it's much easier and keeps the threads clean~especially on long-term projects like that!

Congratulations, you have made a great new start!

mainely stitching said...

They taped the silks on??? Who on earth supplied the kit? That seems really outrageous.

But it's a gorgeous project, and I wish you lots of luck with it!

Sally said...

Wow that is a huge piece of fabric! Looking forward to seeing you progress. It is a lovely piece.

Deanne J said...


Can I say I'm glad you're doing this and not me. I can't believe they taped the silks.

Redwitch said...

Good luck with your big project!

I tend to stitch in hand, although I have use Q-snaps too, which I prefer to a hoop.

Whoever put tape on silks should be shot!

Always smiling said...

Hi Angela,

wow some piece of fabric and a huge project but I am sure you'll find that as it grows you'll love it.
The Beatice Potter SAL is big too that I am doing and it is costing me a bomb as the first fabric I bought was too yellow and now the floss I have bought is too dark!
So last evening I had to do a lot of frogging and on the 32c it was hard!
But I will soldier on and it will be beautiful!!
Chris x
Thank you for your comments on my blog about the book that I have now finished reading, how sad for you to lose your first husband.

Karan said...

Now that's what you call a long term project! Sorry, no ideas for the fabric as I've never tackled something that huge before.
You would think they could think of a better way of attaching threads than that. Will so enjoy watching this piece develop - will cheer you on. :0)