Thursday, 7 August 2008

A Bad Hair Day & Chocolate Cake

There are three things I truly hate doing:

1. Having my hair done - it's seems such a waste of time as it will only grow again and go grey again.

2. Clothes shopping - yes I know I'm female and meant to like it but I hate it. This might have something to do with the fact I'm quarter of an inch under 5 foot and therefore most items have to be taken up or are just too long, but nevertheless it is something I only do when I really have to. There is one exception to this; shopping for walking stuff is fine, mainly because I only shop in two places, Fishers in Keswick and Outdoor something or other in Hathersage and when I go in either of these places I know exactly what I want and they always have it in stock.

3. Food shopping. If you ever see someone dashing round Sainsbury's in Ripley or Matlock like they are competing in the 100 metres sprint it's probably me trying to get the dreaded weekly ordeal over and done with. Yes I've tried on-line shopping, it was great when I had a broken leg, two children and no husband but I got fed up of never getting everything I'd ordered and what often seemed like the worst fruit and veg in the shop.

Anyway today it was a hairdressers day, even worse it was the once every three months hair colouring day. Now I hate spending anything up to two hours in the hairdressers but I especially hate it when I come out with a colour that I'm not happy with and the only alternative is to spend another two hours having it redone.

Disasters such as this call for chocolate or wine or even both. Now I'm not a big chocolate bar fan but chocolate cake I like. I blame my mother who makes the most lethal, sickly sweet but totally delicious chocolate cake out. I've tried doing it myself but I can't get the icing right so instead thanks to Nigella I have found a great alternative - Chocolate Malteser cake. Now I left the hairdressers planning to be good but then Son rang up to say he was coming home from Cadet Camp a day early, so that was the perfect excuse to make the cake. Add to that his phone call came just as the rain fell in the cricket and they went in for lunch, so it just had to be made.

I'm definitely going to have to go to the gym tomorrow!!


BilboWaggins said...

Did you know you were taken from a twin at birth? Hairdressers & shopping, yuk and double yuk, the only clothes shopping I enjoy is for outdoor/walking gear. hugs, Bilbo

Sally said...

Now that cake looks gorgeous. Wonder if I can make it to yours before it all goes? LOL!

Hazel said...

Oh Yummmy. I want that recipe!! xx

Karan said...

I stopped going to the hairdresser when I became agoraphobic - haven't been for over 8 years now & have saved a bomb! LOL
Rather nice choccie cake.:0)