Saturday, 2 August 2008


Two packages dropped through the door both with stitching goodies for me.

One from Thread Bear contained the charts I'm planning on using to make my family Christmas cards from so now I need to start looking out for some suitable material for them.

The second from Country Designs contained the beads and material for Celtic Autumn so now I only need to get the threads sorted and I'll be able to start her. Luckily it's the Wye Needlecraft Show next weekend so I'm hoping to on stock up on everything there. No doubt I'll come home with some extra stuff as well!!

Excellent service from both places as I only ordered the goods on Thursday. Even more impressive when I spotted the error in the order from Country Designs and emailed them about it they replied very promptly, amended the order and have sent me exactly what I wanted.

The mystery of why I can't see as well with the new bulb in my magnifying lamp was also solved. It's not a daylight bulb but an 11 watt energy saving bulb. No wonder my eyes were feeling so tired last week. Another thing to purchase at the show next week.

One good thing about being woken up early by the postman was that it got me to the gym first thing this morning. I left feeling really happy as I was able to increase times, weights and speeds on different exercises, a sure sign that all the exercise is having an effect and I'm getting fitter.

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Miss 376 said...

I always ending coming back from those places with way more than I had planned