Monday, 11 August 2008


Saturday saw me making a trip to Bakewell to the Wye Needlecraft Show and then into the Wye Needlecraft shop to pick up the threads for Celtic Autumn and my Christmas Cards. Whilst I was at the show I picked up a piece of hand-dyed linen from the Bedfordshire Embroidery School stand. I was very good and only bought one yellow piece, although I had a hard time choosing which one as I also liked the blue fabric as well.

I haven't checked the silks off against the charts yet but as there was only one silk that wasn't in stock I'm fairly confident I have everything I need to get started on Celtic Autumn.

Thankfully the shop did have the one silk I was desperate for in order to be able to continue on the part of the piano I'm doing on Love Songs. On my last two trips there they didn't have it in stock so there was big sight of relief when I saw it was in stock on Saturday.

Between the qualification rounds for the gymnastics, the swimming at the Olympics and the cricket I didn't think I'd made much progress with Love Songs but looking back at my last post I'm surprised by how much progress I have made. Just as well as this one is on a deadline and needs to be finished by early November if I'm going to have time to get it framed and wrapped in time for Christmas. Not sure I'm going to make it but I'm going to give it my best shot.

I had planned on going to the gym yesterday but between the Olympics and cooking Sunday Dinner I couldn't get there before it closed so I shall definitely be going today before not going becomes a habit.


Miss 376 said...

From the threads Celtic Autumn looks as if it will be a lovely project to work on.

Hazel said...

We were there too - our paths must have crossed lol. We were dripping wet with the rain. Lovely stash. xx