Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Threads & Nails

Why is it that your nails always seem to split just when you least want them to?

Just as I was planning on winding all my newly purchased silks onto their bobbins one of my nails had to split so, of course, I had to file them or the thread would have kept snagging on the broken nail. If I'm going to file one nail then I might as well get it over and done with and file them all.

Now as you might have guessed, from a previous post, I don't go in for all the make-up, shoes and clothes thing. Don't get me wrong I do have make-up, but it only goes on for special occasions and then under sufferance. Sometimes I feel like I misled Husband into a relationship with me. When we were first going out I always put make-up on for our dates but once he'd decided I was the one, so to speak, I increasingly couldn't bring myself to do it. Mind as we met in the swimming pool it wasn't like he hadn't seen me without make-up.

I do have one make-up weakness, I paint my toe-nails. This is a relatively new habit and I blame it on Husband and Daughter. It was Husband's fault I broke my leg. I was admiring one of his physical features, when we were on our first holiday together in the Lakes, instead of watching the path, when I slipped and broke my leg. This was then followed by six weeks in plaster, with the toes of one foot on public display. I was bored one day so raided Daughter's large supply of nail-varnish and started painting my toenails. Somehow the habit has stuck, although I do tend to only do them about once a month now.

It should be noted here that Daughter does not take after me, she thinks nothing of spending £12 on mascara, correction getting me to spend £12 on it as a Christmas Stocking Filler for her. She also buys more clothes and shoes in a month than I do in a year. In fact if it wasn't for the fact I usually wear out one pair of walking boots a year, when it comes to shoes that would be in the last decade.

Anyway back to the sewing.

After about an hour of winding threads, in between watching the swimming and cricket, I was able to establish that I now have all the threads for Celtic Autumn. I'm going to be good and not start her just yet.

Going to the gym is also becoming far too easy to not do. Yesterday I was working on Love Songs and kept saying, just one more bit and ended up missing two slots when I could have made the gym. So I'm going to correct that right now and go to the gym before I do anything else.


Anonymous said...

You shocked me for a moment then when you said you were admiring a physical part of your DH lol I am assuming you meant his butt?

Glad you're all ready now for stitching on Celtic Autumn.

Stitchingranny said...

Hi, I just came to visit from the link in your intro at Stitch and Stash forum (JA site).

Spent the last half hour reading through - if you like choc cake visit my blog lol.

We live the opposite side of Derbyshire near the Nottingham and Leicester border though we almost bought a house in Belper at one point.

Like you I visited the Bakewell Wye show the other day - love to go look there but their prices are so often way beyond what I would normally pay that I rarely actually buy something there. Now a bit further on but still in Derbyshire we have Tandem Cottage (Glossop) that is a super shop and the prices are much better too.

Will add you to bloglines and pop back and watch your progress.